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(Inter)National Renai Game Writing Month. Inspired by NaNoWriMo (which is also where the name comes from rather than any sensible acronymic expansion), the challenge is to create a complete ren'ai game within one month.

Why? Because western fans of Renai games often want to write their own. But after dreaming up masses of characters, plot twists and endings, the project usually falters as the budding author gets to the hard work of writing all the script and dialogue and drawing/getting someone else to draw all the images. This syndrome is what [Blue Lemma's Game-Writing Tips] were written to combat.

The community having realised that games are more likely to get finished if the creator imposes some limit on themself, it seemed natural to apply the NaNoWriMo principles. Thus, NaNoRenO was born.

March 2005 was the first NaNoRenO. 8 people started; 2 more signed up on March 1st, and a further 5 during the month; 4 of these 15 released games by the end of March. AlexChurchill (under the handle chronoluminaire) released the VisualNovel WhenIRuleTheWorld on 31st March as one of these!

NaNoRenO happened in 2006 as well. Then in 2007, AlexChurchill decided it was long past time to finish ElvenRelations, and used NaNoRenO to do just that. The game has since turned out to be one of the LemmaSoft? forums' most popular ren'ai games, to his gratified surprise.

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