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[National Novel Writing Month].

A desperate race to churn out a novel of 50000 words or more during the month of November.

Rachael entered in 2003, resulting in the 50003-word novel Ice and Fire. She followed this up with 2004's A Serpent's Tooth, 2005's The Space Between, 2006's 101 Things To Do Before You're Two, 2007's Extra, Ordinarily, and 2008's Spying on You Spying on Me.
AlexChurchill entered in 2005, and wrote 50199 words of Horizons, but didn't get the story finished. 2006 saw a similar sequence of events: UltimateDream reached 50000 words within November, and came even closer to finishing the story, but took months before it was finished and published online. In November 2007 he wrote 50000 words of The Elevium Spies, which was finished a few days later; in November 2008 he wrote 50000 words of Fly Me To The Desert.
PsychoBabe entered in 2005, and wrote over 50000 words of a novel that she estimates will be at least 100000 when complete.
AmyRobinson has entered for the first time in 2006.

AlexChurchill and Rachael are thus NaNoWriMo 2006, 2007 and 2008 Winners; and PsychoBabe, AlexChurchill and Rachael 2005 Winners! Image: 170 Image: 193 Image: 208 Image: 209

AFAIK at least one other ToothyWikizen also entered in a previous year.
Me, for instance, back in 2002 when I had time; I entered last year too but only managed about 10k words. My novel ended up called 'The Sky Goes On And On For You And Me' and was rambling SF of ramblingness, although I quite like it and occasionally attempt to polish it. (The failed attempt was a prequel.) --(who was this? Jumlian?) (No, n-r, I believe; at least, that was the ToothyWikizen I was referring to at the time. --Rachael)

[If NaNoWriMo were a film, its trailer might sound like this.]


Vitenka wants to enter.  But just discovered that none of the previous fiction things are more than a thousand words, so is now quite reasonably terrified.  Fifty "Just was not so" stories?  Eeep!  --Vitenka (Going to regret signing up like this, but if I don't is certain to back out.)

Old discussion from 2004:
I am debating whether to enter again. (I may be more likely to if AlexChurchill happens to be in Japan? at the time.) Anyone else want to enter? --Rachael
I'd like to, but it scares me.  --Vitenka
Nope. I spent too long trying to think in pictures. Now I can't think stories in words any more ^^;; I would be very interested in looking at other people's work, though :) - SunKitten
Maybe you could start National Manga Drawing Month.
You're already getting one 24-page comic a month as well as PhoenixFeathers. What more do you want? ;) - SunKitten
I point you to the many times rehashed image of a manga artist chained to their table, whilst rabid fans apply the whip, crying "More!  More!" - you know, like in that comic.  --Vitenka
Well, there's the 24 hour comic challenge thing.  Mumph.  I'm terrible at actually putting enough effort into a single project to get it to go anywhere.  I suspect the CategoryFiction down there may be interpreted as a subtle jab ;)  --Vitenka  (Whatever happened to my short story writing thingy, I wonder?)
Hmm... Vitenka's comment about "enough effort into a single project" rang true too much with me, and got me thinking that we should make that month a time of communal ToothyWikizen creative endeavour. One of the principal reasons I've not finished the game I started planning in August 2003 and started coding around winter 03-04 is that even with a team of three (me and two artists), we're all too willing to let each other off the hook and not get anything done. I could really benefit from the communal encouraging and urging to creativity that I understand NaNoWriMo engenders. We could allow people to bring in unfinished work to finish that month, or emulate Nano more closely by requiring people to start something new for the month of November... Even if people aren't interested in doing this in general, I'd be up for encouraging someone to do NaNoWriMo so that I could be inspired to get off my backside and get this game finished. --AlexChurchill
Ooh! National ToothyWikizen Creativity Month. (NaToCreaMo?. No, perhaps not.) --Rachael
The term 'creamo' is hereby preserved.  --Vitenka (And, appropriately, it sounds like something that dissolves in coffee)
I like that plan :) It's so easy to start something and never finish it... - SunKitten
Good plan.  Oooh!  Butterflies!  And GameMaker and it's a good plan we should all - SeaSlip? - concentrate on a single thing.  --Vitenka  (I get distracted waaaaaay too easily)

Edith got bored and lonely and just signed up.
Yay! --Rachael (doing it again this year)
...Just to clarify, "Yay" that you're doing NaNoWriMo, not "yay" that you're bored and lonely.
I know what you meant ;) --Edith
Good luck both Rachael and Edith.  Would you like a idea donation page? --DR

"I thought that was a really small rhinoceros" - Steve G
What is this, an attempt to drag the entire wiki into CategoryAwfulPun?  Well, you've got... um, not all that far to go actually.  Drat.

Good timing bringing this page back up to RecentChanges though.  I shall resolve to get Vitenka/FightOfDragons into a pdf published state.  --Vitenka  (Technically this is NaToCreaMo? though)
It was NaToCreaMo? - which has the double advantage of including non-novel-writing ToothyWikizens and making a vaguely amusing political pun.
Corrected.  You're gonna have to enlighten me on the pun, though.  --Vitenka
Merely that it says "NATO". What "NATO Creamo" might be can be an exercise for the imagination.

Old discussion from 2005:
Having read the aforementioned 2003 novel of Rachael's, and watched the creation of the 2004 one, AlexChurchill is taking the plunge and joining the madness myself in 2005. I'll be writing a single path through the plot of a VisualNovel that I've been planning for some time (no, not the military school one or the elves one, a fantasy one), which means that I at least know roughly what the plot is going to do... It does also mean that afterwards I'll want to go and write the other branches as soon as possible! I hope I can make the time in November to write the volume of words necessary, anyway. --AlexChurchill

Edith has not signed up this year for similar reasons he missed the target by 50,000 words last year. Birkbeck have this habit of asking to write a chapter of my Thesis in November (last year it was sprung on me after I'd signed up and got through six pages of planning notes irritatingly). Last year I spent the month reading papers on Hydroxyapatite, this year I shall most likely be reading text books and papers for my methods chapter.

CURSWiki: Androidkiller has instead set himself the challenge of getting much more of the book he's working on done, hopefully by persuading people to prod him into writing more.
Write more! --AC, wordcount [currently] 10061
Cheers! Just got to finish writing tonight's CURS one-off first(08/11/05)... -- CURSWiki: Androidkiller

Gosh, you could spend all day laughing at the rubbish people produce. Must resist. --ChiarkPerson
Indeed you could :) There are some awful compositions around, and I won't claim mine's great by any means. The aim in NaNoWriMo is quantity, not quality, both for the sake of the experience itself and for the ability to then start editing it, it being a lot easier to edit a completed story than a blank page. --AlexChurchill
Sounds a bit like ToothyWiki -- CURSWiki: Androidkiller

Pronunciation question. Do those InTheKnow? call it "Nah No Rye Mo" or "Nah No Ree Mo"? --CH
From the [FAQ]: --AC
How do you pronounce NaNoWriMo?
NAN-no WRY-Mo.
Oh. I've been saying it NAN-no WREE-Mo.
That's ok too.

[10 Signs Someone You Know is Doing National Novel Writing Month]

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