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Author of the well-known SnowCrash, AYoungGirlsIllustratedPrimer, Cryptonomicon and others.

There is an essay by him called "In the beginning was the command line". The [official] location rather unhelpfully supplies it as a .zip, but there are [many] HTMLized versions [elsewhere].

Are you sure AYoungGirlsIllustratedPrimer is the title of the book? I think I've read it, and I'm sure it wasn't called that. 'The Diamond Age' or something, perhaps. Anyway, he's a favourite author of mine. TheInquisitor
AYoungGirlsIllustratedPrimer is the subtitle of The Diamond Age - SunKitten

He is currently writing a book involving (at least peripherally) Newton and Leibnitz?.  He did mention the title, but I've forgotten it.  It's due out late next year.
It is out, in Hardback, yclept Quicksilver -- Senji

My favourite was The Diamond Age.  It's just as exciting as SnowCrash but more sophisticated and a lot less geeky --Mjb67

For me, it is SnowCrash, Zodiac, The Diamond Age in that order. --Tsunami

From In the beginning was the command line:

I think that the message is very clear here: somewhere outside of and beyond our universe is an operating system, coded up over incalculable spans of time by some kind of hacker-demiurge. The cosmic operating system uses a command-line interface. It runs on something like a teletype, with lots of noise and heat; punched-out bits flutter down into its hopper like drifting stars. The demiurge sits at his teletype, pounding out one command line after another, specifying the values of fundamental constants of physics:

universe -G 6.672e-11 -e 1.602e-19 -h 6.626e-34 -protonmass 1.673e-27....

and when he's finished typing out the command line, his right pinky hesitates above the ENTER key for an aeon or two, wondering what's going to happen; then down it comes--and the WHACK you hear is another Big Bang.

Now THAT is a cool operating system

I believe the proton mass is known not to be fundamental; it shouldn't really be specified with the rest of them.  Given the right command line options, you wouldn't even get protons.


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