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It would be appropriate for me to have a page here since I occasionally pass through the wiki.

I'm a 3rd year mathmo (although chances are that'll have changed long before I update the page from saying this) at Emma, who knows the wiki from Games Evening and booster drafts.  I'd point you at [My Livejournal] but since I've managed about two updates in the past year to that it hardly seems worth it.
Good to see you, Neil :) -- AlexChurchill
Actually it does seem worth it, because your avatar suggests to me you might be a StarCraft player? If so we've got more than enough of us to eet for an online game at some pont... --AC
Yay, StarCraft!  I am indeed something of a StarCraft fan (although recently I've been playing Warcraft III, mostly because I haven't completed that Campaign yet, and because when we tried StarCraft with me against the two people I know in College who played I flattened them when they were allied, Warcraft produced much more balenced, and hence more entertaining games.  However, I would love to go back to Starcraft, it'd be nice to play a game I understood fairly fully, again).  An online game sounds like an excellent idea, however: not before the CATAM deadline (on which point it is worth noting that I won't be at Games Evening this week: CATAM goes in on Wednesday).  Incidently, favourite race? --NR
Terran. Principally because halfway through the relevant formative stage of my StarCraft fanhood, I accidentally uninstalled StarCraft when I only had the Brood War CD with me. I then spent a month playing the shareware demo online compulsively, and it only has Terrans. Hence. (Both of my regular play partners, GreenOpal and Whistway, have Protoss as their favourite though) I really wish they'd release a version of StarCraft with all the UI improvements of WarCraft 3 (specifically auto-repair!) --AlexChurchill
Yes, Terran repair is very powerful, but so very very fiddly.  I'm trying to think how we could do a game now.  I don't have internet at College (but I do at home), the computer is rather heavy to move around without a car.  I haven't managed to beat the computer insane AI on Warcraft III yet, although it would be interesting to know if that's because it got a lot better, or merely that the special ability filled combat that dominates Warcraft III is where the computer shines and I don't. --NeilRoques
Turns out the answer is "because the insane AI cheats", which is a sore disapointment to me.  Blizzard, how ye have fallen in my view of you.  In my anger at this sad state of affairs I destroyed the insane AI.  So I have now beaten it. --NR

I suppose I could also direct you to [my website].

Apparently actually called Christine. It is possibly best not to ask.

ChrisHowlett shouts into the ether, in the hope that a Neil-shaped piece of ether might respond.


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