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A series of RTS games from Blizzard.  I barely ever hear WarCraft 1 mentioned.  WarCraft 2 was one of the, if not simply the, most popular RTS of its time.  WarCraft 3 is the fully-3D updating of the series to the 21st century.

And now there's a BoardGame.  And from [this review], it looks really good.  AlexChurchill had the opportunity to buy it in America, but decided not to, not knowing anything about it at the time.  Has anyone seen it in the UK?  If not, we may have to make a request of those going to Los Angeles in February...
I haven't seen it in any game stores I have been in recently, so if you do definitely want it, let me know and I will try to hunt it down before they arrive... --K
A quick recommendation for [boardgamegeek].  They're good. --Angoel
...And [their reviewers and readers] seem to differ widely.  Hmm.  Will have to investigate further before shelling out.  --AC, who has enough new games at the moment anyway :D
I have actually played it.  Humans are unbalencedly good (so it's an accurate reflection of the game ;-).) due to priests being snapped in half.  Besides that it's actually rather good.  All the graphics are lifted from hte computer game so are very nice, it's quite easy to pick up, but has some nice mechanics and appears (hard to say after only one game) to have a reasonable depth. --NR
I have definitely seen it in a shop before, but in which city I really can't remember. -Colin
I saw it on the 28th of December, in ["The Gameskeeper"] in the Cowley Road in Oxford.  They tend to be very nice about sending things out if you can't find anywhere else. They're also a really good BoardGame / RPG / CheapAss games stockist --Jumlian
Apparently (says he who bought 3 boosters of 8th in there while rehearsing Musketeers) the lady who runs it apprenticed the current owner of G&P --CH
There is also a D20 RPG which I've got, I haven't gotten around to playing it yet but it seems quite good. --Steve

The units make wonderful quotes when you click on them repeatedly, often references to MontyPython but also to many other things including StarCraft: see [WikiQuote] for a nearly-comprehensive list. The sheep explode when you click them often enough: see WikiPedia: Exploding_sheep.


AlexChurchill has been considering building a Night Elves MagicTheGathering theme deck. I'd be interested to know if any other players of both MtG and one of WarCraft / StarCraft would like to build a theme deck to play it against.

CategoryComputerGames, RTS; SeeAlso StarCraft

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