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One of Cambridge's two remaining all-female undergrad colleges.

It's a lot nicer than NewHall (but I might be just a little biased) -- Naath

Has irritating 'feature' that you can't get in any of the doors other than the plodge b/w sometime arround 6 ish and sometime arround 6 ish, the porters don't lock up at the same time every day, even if you are a member of college. This is osstensibly to keep 'weirdos' out.  However, the plodge is locked at 12 and you have to be a member of college (of with one) to get in or out this is because the porters are stupid.  The JCR would like to have swipe card entry, apparently we can't afford it.  Humph. -- Naath

StuartFraser can never find this when he's looking for it, generally ending up nearer SelwynCollege. He doesn't know why, because he knows where it is at most other times.
Hint: It's on Sidgwick Avenue, which starts opposite Silver Street.
And in fact right near SelwynCollege so I'm not sure how you can proceed to not find it from there.
I can. But since I generally start from StJohnsCollege, if I've managed to find SelwynCollege then I've already gone wrong somewhere, as it's hardly on the direct route...
Selwyn is about 100m away from Newnham, admitedly the *wrong end* for getting into after 6 but hey...

Has pretty (and large) gardens.

[Newnham College]


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