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The DayWatch.

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[Fox Searchlight official website]. With trailers redubbed in English.
Looks (to Kazuhiko) very like Constantine with the horror elements played up.  Could be very good fun but just a touch too far into the horror side for me.
The book was character-driven fantasy, not horror, and I certainly wouldn't call the Russian movie horror despite a couple of vague leanings that way. They do seem to be marketing it as that here, though. Whether they actually recut it remains to be seen. - MoonShadow
From the trailer, it certainly didn't look like horror, but then the voice-over called it an "epic horror trilogy". I suspect they're not quite sure what to call it. -- Xarak
Not horror? It's got vampires in it! Anyway, genres are just a marketting tool and the difference between 'horror' and 'dark fantasy' lies entirely in how pretentious the publisher feels. --ChiarkPerson
Well, I can't really comment on what they did with the film. But the book was to horror what Sandman or Neverwhere is to horror: describing it as that is likely to give you an actively incorrect impression of the contents (though it may be useful if you are looking to deliberately confuse someone). - MoonShadow

Also to be made into an [RPG]

ChiarkPerson writes: They made a sequel. Goodness knows why. Opened in Moscow at the beginning of January, breaking Russian box-office records. Oh, so that's why.
The author has commented that he is much happier with the sequel than he was with the original. MoonShadow hasn't seen it yet, so can't comment.

Proves that just because it's foreign, doesn't mean it's good. - ChiarkPerson, re the film.

According to SergeiLukjanenko, the books have now been translated into English and should be out soon. Apparently, the UK and the US will have different translations.

ISBN 1401359795 ; ISBN 1401359795 ; ISBN 0434016098 - the first two of those to be published by MiramaxBooks?, the last by WilliamHeinemann?; the last one therefore is the UK edition and the first two the US ones. All coming out in July.

[Now on sale in the UK]. 18000+ paperback and 1200+ hardback copies have already been sold, apparently; Mr. Lukjanenko says that's almost the entire print run (20k paper/2k hard were printed), and while a reprint has been ordered it'll take a little time. Guess MoonShadow should have preordered :(
Having read the first two-thirds, it's a good book :) It's not at all the usual "good vs evil with added vampires" that the cover implies (even the film managed to not quite be that). The book really brings out the internal conflict as well as the external, and the double standards on all sides make for added interest. Recommended ^^ - SunKitten (but you can't have mine until I'm finished ;)
Copies available in Waterstones. -- Senji.  Considering getting it.

Also a book by TerryPratchett (ISBN 0552148997 )

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