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I'll just mention Naruto and that both NinjaScroll and ShadowSkill? have started TV Series.

This is a good year for hand gesture based magic of misdirection and explosions.  --Vitenka

The game was much improved once the NinjaRope had a time limit.  Otherwise it was the only skill you needed.
Are you talking about Worms?  If so, then I agree that NinjaRope was almost the only skill you needed, but I (and Nagi) liked it that way, and thoroughly disapproved of adding the time limit in the sequel.  They could at least have made it customisable - they put enough other options in.  --AlexChurchill
The manual to the first game said that the rope had a time limit.  It was supposed to be there.  But yes, it should have been an option.  And that option should have been set to 'on' and then the switch superglued in place and the console smashed beyond operability.  --Vitenka (couldn't rope for the life of him)
Everyone manages to get incredibly confusled whenever I get them to play Worms/DirectorsCut?, which is most amusing. Mind you, my worms usually gain a quaint ballistic property whenever I go anywhere near the Worms/NinjaRope? on my own game - Admiral
Was not the accurate use of a bazooka in the same category - a skilled practitioner could get at least 45 regardless of the direction and strength of the wind?
Hardly.  The bazooka was a strike weapon.  Proper use of the rope (without timelimit) would allow you to knock every opposing worm into the water, practically regardless of where they were on the map (it would just take a lot of swings)  It also utterly nullified any ability to move your worms to protected areas, use terrain modification to advantage or try to trap enemy worms in a particular bit of the map.  The bazooka, though powerful in skilled paws, just went boom.  --Vitenka
Hehe.  Not with 8 mines on the map.  Or if there were multiple islands separated by sufficiently much water.  A lot of situations could be roped to/from, but not all... and it did cost you 5 seconds to activate the rope, remember.  So that's an absolute maximum of 12 unlimited-time ropes per worm turn.  Knocking into the water usually wasn't doable, unless they left themselves exposed and really asking for it.  And if the continents were sufficiently far apart, you just ain't getting from one to the other short of a teleport.  I couldn't quite match Nagi's NinjaSkills with the rope, but I excelled him in aiming a Shotgun 2/3 of the way across the level, or a long-distance bazooka shot as well.  --AlexChurchill
I tended to be quite a mean shot with the shotgun, too. --CH

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