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Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I'll go and eat Worms....

Hence, GreenAndBlacks Chocolate is called Worms in certain circles.

Also, a rather unfortunate medical condition.

Also, one of the best computer games ever.  Few other games manage to keep a whole room full of people entertained with just one computer.
Bomberman and clones are among the few other games, but the idea's the same - lots of people trying to blow each other up.
How about the Mario 3 Battle game, or MicroMachines. Or MoonShadow's 4-player on one keyboard snakes?
I myself am a particularly big fan of the Worms series.  There's nothing quite like lauching a herd of MadCows? at a DarkSide? encampment. - PaulPower

See also NinjaSkills, ConcreteDonkey.

The Worms series to date:

Worms (The original)
WormsUnited? (The original plus Reinforcements expansion pack)
WormsTheDirectorsCut? (An Amiga-only release, reckoned by some to be the best of the bunch.  A surprising number of weapons debuted here)
WormsTwo? (The first of the "second generation", made major graphical leaps and had more weaponary)
WormsArmageddon? (Even more weapons, better online play and missions)
WormsWorldParty? (A remake of WA in many ways, but added enough to make it interesting)
WormsThreeD? (They pulled it off surprisingly well.  Not as good as some of the older games, but better than, say, LemmingsThreeD?)
WormsFortsUnderSiege? (New game in development)

Plus two spin-offs:

WormsPinball? (A... well, a pinball game :-p)
WormsBlast? (Um... Puzzler meets shoot-em-up?)


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