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/RatingSystem in use.  Please feel free to browse these quotes from the Edit page rather than normal viewing.  If there are quotes you feel are particularly good, prepend a Image: 46 or Image: 73 symbol to the start of them.  If there are quotes you feel are particularly bad, prepend a ~ symbol or Image: 74  Particularly bad puns may be marked with Image: 75 if desired.  Those with several Image: 46s may at some point be collected to form a Best Of.  Those with several ~s may at some point be removed.  Please don't cancel the symbols out: something with "Image: 46 ~~ Image: 46" is more informative than if it had no markings.

Mon28 June

mike: My hair is notoriously buggy. ...Kids often ride in it.

Image: 46 alex: [At work] we were waiting for my American compatriots to send us a model
- mike: Do you mean colleagues? Or is there something you're not telling us?
- alex [putting on American accent]: Yes, I'm secretly... a New Zealander.

Sun27 Jun (Piano moving, Mister Anderson)

alex: It's a novelty item: KittensOnTinsel?...
- rachael: ... Dot Com.

Sat26 June

liz: We used to sing with our hands.

morag: We don 't have any "interesting" underwear. ...Well, Serge might have...

Fri25 June

steven c: Satan, when she did that booming voice, was rather reminiscent of Jacqueline

alan: Didn't you know I was a smiling carrot...?!

Thu24 June

Image: 46 random bloke answering phone: Hi? Um, hi... I'm in the middle of about three thousand people singing Zimbabwean worship songs, so... yeah, I'll call you back later, mate. Yep. Bye.

Mon21 June

mike: Does that mean that Active Lee is dead?
- alex: No. Technically, it just means that if he is dead, we're not him. Which, while true, may not be the most useful of statements...

mike: I shall teach my coffee to levitate

Sun20 June

mike: I have no biblical objection to the idea of female headship in ducks.

Sat19 June (J,S,M,R and A Go Ape)

jenny: Are you all right??
- rachael: Yes, I'm just trying to figure out which limb to let go with.

Fri18 June

mike: You have until Monday to get a handle onto your lightbulb, otherwise I reserve the right to be surprised

Thu17 June

alan: Jam doughnuts remind me of cheese sandwiches... I don't really know why...
- [...]
- alex: Just as long as fish sandwiches aren't a kettle of marmite.

Tue15 June

alex s: In real life, is it me or are cars meant to fly?

Image: 46 jenny: Dragon is not a common farm animal

Mon14 June

neil: Amongst the reasons I don't template Magic cards...
- alex: ...an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope?

stuart: Alex is an expert on the undead
- alex [in "Well, of course" tones]: I did PartIIIMaths!

alex: I'm going to burn myself to death!
- chris: With eggs!!

Sat12 June

Image: 46 milan: I feel I'm being likened to a pizza
- stephen: Likened? What, being stuck to a pizza by... little... what kind of lifeform are lichens?!?

Image: 46 milan: A pizza with survival instincts would be quite scary
- stephen: A pizza using ReversePsychology would be quite scary

Thu10 June (Election Ganes)

hanneke: My mum said, "I can teach you how to breathe, but I can't teach you how to look inside plants!"

kate: Daddy-long-legs have four legs, like spiders

jenny: Are you threatening to put a mouse in my helium?
- stephen: Noo, I was saying there *was* a mouse in your helium!
- jenny: Well there shouldn't be, and since you're the only one who knows anything more about it...

Tue8 June

chris: He's replaced Che Guevara with Mathematics

alex: I could hand on my Apocalypse to someone else

neil: Your team has the unfair advantage of ears.

Image: 46 neil: I shall fool the examiner into thinking I'm stupid, and then... when his guard is down... I shall - fail the exam. Bother.

stuart: Alex, you sound like a 16-bit sound of a car engine

Image: 46 alex: You don't remember?!
- stephen: I do remember! But I've forgotten!

anonymous physics PhD student: Today I had to stand on the spectrometer to put black tape over the emergency light...

Sun6 June

alex: Which is a shame, because if you get a German mathematician infestation on your monitor...
[Anyone care to /GuessTheContext?]

alex to stephen: Are you trying to shepherd a fly out the window with a giant inflatable blue chair?
- stephen: Yes. But it's not working...

Thu3 June

kenton: God has not exploded at us, therefore we should not explode at others...
- elaine: But it's more than just not exploding, Kenton! We're meant to be nice, too!
- kenton: Are we? Oh, good grief...

alex: So every Christian is in some sense a Molotov cocktail?
- steve: ...Filled with the Spirit...

alan: Maybe that's when Belly goes to Vladivostok - when I'm wearing a black t-shirt!
- [...] alan: Well, it made sense in context!

Wed2 June

alex to morag: That's not a remote control
- morag: No, but it's a cookie, and that'll do

Tue1 June

douglas: I suspect Alex has the other problem
- ed: Half frog, half alligator?

stuart: Is there anything else in this quote following "half frog, half alligator"...?
- ed: I think we have to call it a skirt

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