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This page is for assorted people (ThisMeansYou?) to copy-paste any NokkyQuotes, to which they feel the context would be either a) funny to guess, b) useful to be told, or c) both, into.

AlexChurchill may add a few, but given that for most NokkyQuotes he already knows the context, it's better in general for people who weren't there to submit quotes along with initial guesses.

As always with Wiki pages: if it turns out to be fun, we'll keep it up for a while.  If it doesn't work, it'll quietly slip off the bottom of RecentChanges and nobody will be too bothered.  Feel free to add something here even if the page hasn't seen activity for months.

Let the comic context-guessing begin!


alex: Which is a shame, because if you get a German mathematician infestation on your monitor...
(PeterTaylor) Context is clearly degaussing. (Although I thought Gauss was Swiss?)


alex: Every now and then when I'm faced with a difficult puzzle like this one, I have to take my brain out and put it on a rack. Then I get a new one from the rack.
This was an Awful Pun (TM) in context.  But most present didn't realise it was a pun, and just thought it was a spectacularly surreal utterance.  Any guesses (from those who don't already know) should go here:


milan: I smell a rat. Which is shaped like a road.
This was pretty bizarre in context, TBH... but make your guesses here:
SettlersOfCatan, where Milan thought he spied an opponent's move that was not going to be good for him, that started with the construction of a road?


matthew b: Creating offspring which have a genetic tendency to tear their own arms off isn't good for the gene pool

Whereas this made near-perfect sense at the time.  And entertainingly, AC can't remember that context himself offhand.  So when we end up admitting what it actually was, I'll have to find someone to remind me...


alex to peter: You having the hand grenade on the table rather complicates matters

MagicTheGathering, playing with the Monty Python set?
Spot on.


douglas: I nominate my pet donkey for President

chris: That which does not kill us... removes various limbs.

Given the day of the week, these are probably GamesEvening quotes. Is Chris making a reference to MTG: Mutilate ? I suspect Douglas is playing Illuminati and has taken over the Republican party...
GamesEvening quotes, yes; precise attributions, no.  They are in fact from the same game, and not one that we had played at GE before that day, so this may be less helpful than normal.  --AlexChurchill
They both sound like the could be Junta? quotes... -- Senji
Given Douglas', they must be. But I can't for the life of me remember what was removing limbs... --CH

Not a NokkyQuotes Context:

ChrisHowlett/Quotes, Friends Quotes

Chris: How's your wind control?
Robert: Pretty good if I fire at full power.
Ohhh, dear.  I suspect the context is ef11ba696cb3f4badb1faee8c0a5caa9 (lower case).  But I first thought it was something far worse.  X-(  --AC
Quite correct.
In which case, let me state that mine is (was) positively awe-inspiring, at any power level ;-P  --AC
(PeterTaylor) Care to demonstrate some time? It's a while since I've done any of that, but I have the requisite materials.

NeilRoques: It's going to turn out that there's a fridge here, and a fridge here, and no-one inside them eating a banana.
I have not the slightest idea what the context for this is, and I'm immensely curious.  Did I really say that?  And if so, why on earth? --NR
I was hoping no-one would ask. It was in the CMS cafeteria, I recall that much; the fridges were on opposite sides of the earth, and we were doing something like surface integration. Does that twig? I believe Edwin was present. --CH
It's coming back to me, I think. It's a variant on the HairyBallTheorem? (you can't comb a hairy ball so it's flat everywhere). I believe that a similar theorem forces a 2-D continuous function on the surface of a sphere to have a pair of antipodal points where the function is equal. I believe we were considering the function f(x,y) = (Temperature at (x,y), scalar distance from (x,y) to the nearest banana-eating person). --CH

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