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The only college in the UniversityOfCambridge, to my knowledge, to admit BlackArtists.

Sorry, I'm afraid this one has gone straight over my head...  Care to throw some enlightenment in my direction? --Kazuhiko

I made a silly comment about the origins of the Darwin term in a quantum mechanics supervision.  As a result, I started thinking about the idea of an Oberon College and a Black Arts department for the University.  You wouldn't believe how bored you can get in a QM supervision when you understand none of it.  If you disapprove of the silliness, go ahead and delete the relevant pages. --NickTaylor

I thought that silliness was the whole point of this Wiki thing. And that ain't silly anyway. The BlackArts? tripos was coeval with the Classics tripos. Indeed, they're only distinct due to an argument between two professors back somewhere in the mists of time.... --TGHMotI

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Quite possibly exists in the PhoenixFeathers universe...or at least StuartFraser thinks it does.

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