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A man, a boy, an android, a sarcastic computer, a talking cat and a SwordsWomanAssassin? take the universes most powerful spaceship and attempt to get very rich (and posisbly discover the secret of the galactic ley line)

Some silliness, some seriousness - and some extremely moving episodes.

(Jims girlfriend being, possibly, the single most moving episode of anime I have seen)

Sounds like RedDwarf?. - MoonShadow
Significantly less humour.  It's basically a hero romp through the galaxy, with moving diversions.  I'm not really sure what it is I like about it.  Apart from the aforementioned episode.  And ditching the cat on an asteroid is pretty funny.  A lot of people really like the assassin who refuses to let anyone kill the main character before she does, and she wants him to find the plot first.  The ship-to-ship fighting is pretty - all close range dogfighting and then use of grapples.
I'll be honest and say that the ship-to-ship combat very nearly put me off the series...  It's just silly.  I did enjoy the rest of it though.  And I'd forgotten just how evil that particular episode was until I just watched an AMV with clips from it :/ - Kazuhiko
Well yah, it's silly.  But it's still pretty.  Realistic ship-ship combat (at the thousands of kilometre range) is kinda hard to make pretty.  So having grapples is, at least, innovative.

Wow! This is my first time using this wiki thing ^_^! Hey, SunKitten and MoonShadow ^__^!
Well, me and bex watch OutlawStar somtimes on toonami? (channel 621 on sky? ^^;;) and we think its pretty cool! It's really funny at first, but near the end it gets all complicated and meaningful-like @_@! You're right, in terms of animation and char design it's not that special, but it is somehow addictive! *_*! Not to mention I love the opening and ending themes. --Denji


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