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please date messages left here
feel free to specify response mechanisms other than wiki
feel free also to send email to douglasr (at) chiark.greenend.org.uk (though come to think of it, I may well check toothywiki more often than I check my email

In case you happen to see this but not your email: GamesEvening has been cancelled tonight, as Rachael's recovering from a rather nasty stomach bug. It should be on again next week. --AlexChurchill, 4th Dec 07, 17:47

I just tried to send the GamesEvening email, and it bounced from your address. It said "Technical details of permanent failure: PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 Blacklisted site `[]' [Irritated]" I don't know whether this normally happens, since normally Alex sends the mail. --Rachael, 12/11/07
"Irritated" is chiark's way of saying that it think's your email sender is a bit suspicious (possibly it found its way onto a blacklist once).  So it waits a bit before allowing the email through.  If it doesn't receive anything further from you for a while (maybe a day?) it assumes you are not a spammer, and let's it through.  If you keep sending more and more email, it gets more irritated, and the wait period increases to more than a day.

Just to check, are you still planning to go to Tsunami's birthday bash on 9th Dec? --Tsunami
Yes, though I need reminding where. --Pallando

Incidently I eventually won your GiantSettlers? game (by playing all those Soldiers you picked up -- the dice hated me!) -- Senji
So I heard from one of the other players (Alex).  Thank you!  So you went 3 rounds being 1 point off winning?  That must have been tense.  --Pallando

Did you take Ursuppe? away from TheShrubbery? It's just that we still have the cubes from it (because they were borrowed for CastlesInTheAir). Would you like them back? --Rachael (24 Feb 07)
Erk!  Ursuppe was one of the games we brought along this weekend to the convention (Redemption '07).  I didn't realise the cubes were not in it. :-(  Yes, I would definitely like the cubes to be re-united with the game.  I didn't see any mention of Shrove Tuesday on the wiki.  Did you have it at games evening last week?  The reason I ask is that one way of reuniting the parts would be for me to bring Ursuppe (and any other of my games you think likely to be used) along to TheShrubbery.
We had GamesEvening, as we do every Tuesday, but we didn't do anything special with pancakes or anything. We'd be very happy to have the game on loan here again, or to give the cubes back to you, whichever you prefer. Popping in to GamesEvening might be the easiest way to achieve either of these. --Rachael
Anyone up for celebrating a late Shrove Tuesday, this Tuesday 26th ?


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