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Like StumbleUpon, but for music.

Similar to Melissa and IRate, then?  --Vitenka
But with a box. --CH

[This is what it is]

It's not very like StumbleUpon, then - instead it analyses the songs you like for qualities (offline of course) and recommends things that are similar.  The two I mention above both work more like Last.FM (mentioned in the article) - that is they recommend things that are liked by people who like things similar to you.  Bump in a decently high "And stuff no one has reviewed yet please" and go.  --Vitenka (Who doesn't understand why this isn't standard in all media players yet, though fears the DataMining? capabilities this suggests)

The interesting part is it then plays them for you. - MoonShadow, who's been giving his a headache by training it with a large quantity of Cheese mixed with the occasional NineInchNails? track.
Oh yes, sorry.  Melissa works off of your local collection (though it sometimes recommends things you don't have in an attempt to get you to get them, I guess)  Pandora is a radio station, as is Last.FM.  iRate (if it ever debugs enough to work again) downloads tracks to your local machine and plays them - but they're all CreativeCommons? tracks.  We're well out of the era of "nice idea" and into "have fun, kids".  --Vitenka
After not very long playing with it, is asked me to register if I wanted to continue, and then asked me to input a valid US ZIP code. At which point it became pointless. Just once I would like for these people to realise that someone outside of the US would like to use this kind of stuff. --Tsunami
Discussion on the chat points (I think) to people just finding a random valid ZIP code through Google and using that. Ask MS? or AC. --
BeverlyHills? 90210.  You need to know no more :)  --Vitenka (It's an online form.  The only difficulty I have with those is that if I enter enough random data some of it will be true by accident.  It's your duty to dilute marketing data as much as possible.)
According to their FAQ, their broadcast license is only valid in the US right now. They do realise that other countries exist, but their intent is, in fact, to shut them out. - MoonShadow

[iRate] moved to a new URL, which is why the old one broke.  It looks shiny and new.  --Vitenka  ... which STILL doesn't seem to work.

[Last.FM] is not, in MoonShadow's opinion, as good as Pandora for assorted reasons, but unlike Pandora, it is legal in the UK. Their players tend to stall a lot and interrupt the playing track both at MoonShadow's work and at TheFlat; however, MoonShadow has had success by using [shell-fm]'s external player capability to pipe the stream to mplayer -cache 2048 -

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