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A warehouse, depository, or place where all sorts of articles are collected together, for then selling or giving on.

Encountered in the context "This is in truth a pantechnicon promise: it contains everything"  ...

Other possible meanings:
The volume of the 'Book of the Dead' referring to trousers? - Kazuhiko

A large house-moving lorry -- Senji
(PeterTaylor) I think you mean removal lorry. Houses get moved so infrequently that no-one would bother making up a word for a lorry which is used in the process.
I have seen a show-home on a lorry... -- Senji
Only in this country - We tend to build our houses of brick and then leave them for 100 years before knocking them down.  In many countries small-to-medium wooden houses get delivered by lorry.  I saw two in two weeks in Australia.  And I remember an American asking me incredulously "Why would you want a second-hand house?" when I asked him how much houses cost in his area.  (Apparently the custom is to buy a plot of land with planning permission). --Mjb67
A just can't understand that way of thinking.  Ok, you have a lot of land and want to build houses on it - but why on earth build the house elsewhere then ship it in?  That's insane!  --Vitenka
Because you've got a good building yard and production line at your base, so it adds up to be easier that way? --Mjb67
Then again current crops of houses being built have almost no foundations and aren't expected to stay up more than a decade or two.  Stupid stupid stupid.  --Vitenka
Yeah, the building regs in the UK say that a house has to be rated for 25 years. --Mjb67
What counts as rated?  Walls stay up and roof stays on?  Some new housing estates have got cracks in the walls and windows and doors falling out before five years are up.  As for production - I just cannot see how it can posisbly be easier to move a house than a group of builders.  --Vitenka
I think I was wrong about the 25 year thing, the building regs and approved documents don't seem to cover life expectancy.  I think I heard that a particular developer's standard was 25 years and assumed that was the minimum acceptable under the regs.--Mjb67

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