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If you came here from a Google search: try [phoenix] instead.

Pheonix (sic) sightings and others..

GoogleFodder: Google: pheonix

http://www.geocities.com/kitten_mnw/Comic_pages/p.html - thank you for the link, whoever you are ;) - you've left no info about yourself, so we can't tell you about the typo!

Google: pheonix university (typically included as a keyword for people who mistype when they do a search)

We've been GoogleWhacked. Someone came to toothycat from a search for "pulchritudinous happenstance"; according to [Google], the only place anywhere on the web where that combination of words occurs together is Oneiros's "[Card Sharp]"..

NeedToKnow usually has a section on Google typos..

On a related note, why do people search for entire phrases with no spaces in them at all?
Because they want a more specific page than a page with the words seperately.  It's certainly one of the things I try if a first search returns a whole load of junk pages about, for example, ufologists.

I'd also like to object to Phoenix being spelt the way it is.  Spelt like that, it sounds like it should be pronounced Fonix.  I'm ProudToTypo?, better than being HookedOnPhoenix?.

Feenix, I'd have thought, if anything. Which is close to correct. As opposed to Feeyonix, which is what I think of when I see the typo. - MoonShadow
Hmmm - Fee-Oh-Nix is how I *do* pronounce it.  Oh well.  --Vitenka

Yes, I agree.  The "oe" is an asciification of the diphthong, which is pronounced the same way in "amoeba", "phoenix", "foetus", and any number of other words: roughly a long "ee" sound.  --AlexChurchill
Out of interest, is there an American spelling of 'amoeba' and 'phoenix' like there is of 'foetus'? That'd make them 'ameba' and 'phenix', since in America 'foetus' is 'fetus' - SunKitten

While I understand that, I still have the pronounciation 'fo-enix' running through my head whenever I read it or try to remember how to spell it correctly :) - Kazuhiko
Well, that makes it easy to handle the Square-Enix merger at least.  Seriously, I knew Americans likes mis-spellings, but that one it ridiculous.  --Vitenka

Phoenixes were in the bestiary in D&D 4th Edition (Immortals set, I think).  They were really hard to kill.  What other RPGs have Phoenixes?

See also [Bird on Foot]

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