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A game played with special playing cards that you buy, often at great cost, in little silvery wrapping thingies ("booster packs" or "expansion packs", distinguished by the way you don't know what cards are contained in the booster until you open it).
Unless the company messes up.  Which every new company does for a few sets.  --Vitenka (Read through the barcode...)

(An attempt to make this chronological - by no means complete -- Vitenka)

You skipped YuGiOh :)  Was that deliberate?  No idea were it goes though...  After Pokemon and before .hack//ENEMY certainly. --Kazuhiko
Very deliberate I should hope.  The game as published is not actually playable to any level beyond "Hah, my card is bigger thaqn yours."  I think that they later added checks and balances to try and limit it (you may not summon a creature of rarity >5 unless you already have a 4 in play, you may not apply more than one multiplyer to a creature) but these are basically patching a poor structure.  --Vitenka (It comes before warhammer chronologically too - probably just after wheel of time)


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