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A place in the Cambridgeshire fens where RealPeople (don't) read the CambridgeEveningNews, (don't) watch CambridgeUnitedFootballClub? and (do) complain about the bloody students that invade their town for 24 weeks a year.

And moan about either the Pedestrians?, the Cyclists? or the Motorists?, depending.
Depending on which one they normally are?  As opposed to most Students I've spoken with on the matter, who freely admit that:
Thus clearly including ourselves in any of those categories we fit into normally.  --AlexChurchill''
As a Cambridge MotorCyclist? I'm not sure if I'm homicidal and/or suicidal - but I'm certainly terrified of everyone else!  --Mjb67
(PeterTaylor) Is there a stronger word than homicidal to describe Cambridge TaxiDrivers??
(Mjb67) Psychopathic?  As opposed to Cambridge BusDrivers?, who are simply incompetent and arrogant.
Whoa - CambridgeBusses? have BusDrivers? now?  I always assumed they were just started up at one end of Cambridge and left to wander as they would until they ran out of fuel.  TaxiDrivers? are a whole 'nother rant :)  -- Vitenka


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