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Authoress. Freelance writer for WhiteWolf and others. Possibly round the twist, even by the standards we apply to those subject to the CambridgeAura.

She created the AvoidanceKata, and has laughed about doing so.

She has [pondered the pie] that the Maidens who rule Fate would like.

She is, perhaps, slightly more than slightly silly.

She has a weblog, HitherbyDragons, at http://rebecca.hitherby.com/. This has been redefined as "a webcomic without pictures".

Appears to have done part of the writing for FairFolk?.  Which would explain quite a bit about why my brain is dribbling out of my ears.  --Vitenka
Seconded. Fair Folk are at least as weird as Nobilis. --Requiem

Choice quotes:

"It's so hard to truly tame spreadsheet cells. I mean, you can make friends with them, but you can't really domesticate them---one peanut-butter-covered sardine virus and it's like they don't even know you exist. And if that peanut-butter-covered sardine virus is also shooting lasers out of its eyes, there's a serious risk they'll turn against you." ([1])

"T is for Tofu. Tofu goes 'baa!'"

"'Please to be offering many happy tasty criminals for glorious consumption in the name of American hegemony?'
'Uncanny,' Sid says. 'It's like the lesbian subtext was completely removed in translation!'"

"They're FLAMING ROCKS," says Mara blankly.
"Oh," says Gautama. "They're not a temptation?"
"A temptation to do what?"
"I'd collect them," says Gautama, dreamily. "And dress them up in cute flame-retardant outfits. Then I'd sell them on eBay." He shivers. Oh! Such sweet temptation.  ([2])

CategoryOffstage; also see Exalted , SanityRoll

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