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Doing things like writing a Wikivic/TotallyGratuitousListofMyManga just so you can look at it and marvel at its wonder. --Wikivic
hmm...link to the list page not working? --Wikivic
The problem is that Wikivic isn't a WikiWord on its own, so it doesn't spot it on its own, you need to give it the hint.  --Vitenka
There's a cleaner way than Vitenka's too. --CH
Ok, so there are lots of hints.  As to the self indulgent question - I think subpages of your HomePage? are perfectly sensible.  Creating the top level SelfIndulgent page purely for your own purposes and not even mentioning eg. Chocolate is, appropriately, SelfIndulgent.  --Vitenka

Buying and consuming any amount of chocolate can also be considered SelfIndulgent, as we should all be snacking on organic fruit and veg instead. Other SelfIndulgent foods include:
(PeterTaylor) How can biscuits and cakes be self-indulgent? Under English law they're necessities (unless the biscuits are chocolate-coated).

Believe me, if I was to try an list all the anime I have, it wouldn't fit on one WikiPage! (in fact the page, if it could be made, might undergo gravitaional collapse and become a black hole :)) --Tsunami
Worships Tsunami briefly --Wikivic
Well, I have been collecting it for 17-18 years... --Tsunami


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