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(Dead link to a list of Shoot-em-up cliches removed}
AAAAAARGH! The colours! The colours! My eyes! They burn! - MoonShadow
Ah.  Sorry - I habitually browse text only, and that was the first thing that came up while looking for 'shoot em up cliche'  --Vitenka
's OK ;) I tend to browse text-only too, but not on the wiki - cygwin/lynx edit boxes and cookie support is broken :/ - MoonShadow
Cookies? I know no Cookies ;)  Actually, the wiki is one of the few safe places to turn images on that I've found.  But since it goes wrong in no way at all (except for the comic - for some reason I don't get a placeholder for the main image so have to turn on all images to see it - which is mildly annoying)  ButIDigress.
If the image's height and width were set, you'd get a placeholder, I'd have thought.  But I wouldn't be surprised if the dimensions were different for each strip, so that would be really awkward. --M-A
No, generally with images off and an image with no dimensions specified I get a box just wide enough to fit in the ALT text (whetever it may be) And there's the problem.  ALT=" " rather than either no ALT tag, or (better) ALT="[comic]"  Nice to have the mystery solved.

The ultimate in banner adverts:
Click this link, or the cute Antelope gets it

This is now a theoretical possibility, with the advent of [Live-Shot.com].  I therefore expect, sooner or later, some artiste to implement it.  In fact you could be really cruel, trapping someone in front of their screen playing a java game, with a live hookup to the live-shot hunting for failures to keep playing. --Pallando
Requires far too much knowledge and trust from the user to work.  First, the user has to know about the live-shot thing - and then they have to trust that it's actually hooked up to the little video they are watching, and it's not a re-run.  Which, given how much antelopes cost, against the potential gain of little flash games, it would be :)  --Vitenka  (You'd probably cause a lot of anguish amongst dumb people, though.  I leave the morality of that statement to the reader.)

[Tyrian] (to get sound under XP, you need DosBox or similar.)  One of the best.  --Vitenka

[Omega] made a number of small addictive 'get to the core of the thing' games.  The 'always a boss monster' one is probably the best.  --Vitenka
[Here they are] WarningForever is the boos-monster one.  Rayhound is kinda innovative (gravity field to redirect their attacks as your only weapon)
[Whilst I'm at it] [Have another bunch of shump links].  --Vitenka
[Ether Vapor] - Very playable.  Very very very shiny.  Z X and C are your fire buttons.  --Vitenka
To be more precise, z is gatling (forward), x is winder (to the side, hold c as well and move up or down to adjust the angle) and c is homing (can fire at enemies outside of the normal plane of the game).  v skips whatever 'cut' sequence you are watching.
Quite cool, although a little annoying trying to guess when an enemy was in-plane with you or not.  I foiund the first two stages fairly easy and the third very difficult. --K
Oh!  I didn't know about x and c at the same time.  Enemies above/below are a bit annoying (them and the boss ending up behind you being the only use for homing mode)  And yes, the third (and final) stage is hard.  --Vitenka


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