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Brought to you by the ShinyShopOfSharpness?.

See also the [Stuff-Mart Suite]... "As associates of the Stuff-Mart, It looks like you could use some STUFF!" (segue into [The Stuff Rap])

Stuff!  Stuff! STUFF!!!!  (Repeat in increasing tones of voice and volume)

There's just something magical about stuff.

We need stuff.  Lots of stuff.

I wonder how many languages lack such an obviously wonderful utility concept?

And of course, the Madison Avenue card from IlluminatiNewWorldOrder?YOU NEED MORE STUFF.

Can be usefully stored in a StoreRoom. Or [here].

My Stuff likes to sleep in Boxes?.  (Can I borrow some?)
We will have around 90-100 boxes available by hopefully two weekends from now. Anyone who wishes is welcome to them. You're the third request we've had, so I suspect we may have to do some divvying up... - MoonShadow

See also [The Factory of Wonderful Things] CanFreeStuffBeGoodmy free stuff can be good [Paul Graham article on Stuff]

More Stuff: AlexChurchill/BathroomPraiseGenerator, Vitenka/TechnologyGenerator

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