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A place in which you store stuff. Especially in [this] case.
...and [food], in the case of my company.
But food is stuff.
Maybe, but it doesn't sound very appetising.
It's edible stuff. In Japanese food can be tabemono - edible stuff.  Just like nomimono (drinkable stuff) and kimono (wearable stuff).  All of which are kept in storerooms
I had no idea that was how "kimono" derived. This isn't entirely surprising, however, as pretty much my entire Japanese vocabulary is taken from the Wiki...
Yeah, kimono is 'CHYAKU/ki' (to wear) and 'BUTSU/mono' (thing).  The word is a member of a class of kanji compounds that are read with the Japanese (kun) reading of both kanji.  Most compounds, like 'Doubutsu' (animal) are read using the Chinese reading.  The 'butsu' in Doubutsu is the same character as the 'mono' in 'kimono', 'tabemono', 'nomimono', 'bakemono' (monster or "stupid thing"), etc...

Well, I guess that makes Japanese the king of nouning.  (What's the Dou in Doubutso?  I'm gonna start calling pets {something}-stuff if it turns out to be even half plausible.)  --Vitenka
The dou is "motion" or "changing"; hence, a doubutsu is a "moving thing". - tjm
So have the Vitenkish cats officially become "MovingStuff?!" now, then?  --AC
I hope you meant Vitenkan - but no, it's not plausible sounding enough.  Although I can see the derivation to animate/al.  --Vitenka
No?  The thought of a cat named "MovingStuff?" appeals to me for some reason... --Kazuhiko
Does that mean I may get another cat as long as I name it "MovingStuff?"? --Nataku

Similar to the ToothyWiki but far more limited in scope.


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