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People of Cambridge (and indeed, its dark blue counterpart) seem obsessed with acquiring t-shirts marking them out as members of certain groups of people.  No-one's quite sure why, but it was considered possible that years of being weird and alone make us long to be as cliquey as possible when we get the chance. 

Except Emperor doesn't think that's true.  He feels no burning desire to boast that he has friends, and so many friends he can afford a t-shirt run.  And yet over the three years he has acquired

Queens' Ergo comp.
Queens' women's seconds (lent 2002) large
Queens' women's seconds (lent 2002) skinny fit
Midsummer night's dream
CULES LittleRedRidingHood?
CULES RobinHood?
CULES Varsity? Match
OULES? (???)
CAMPUS? childrens' holidays
not to mention a RinFanClub t-shirt he hasn't quite bought yet, but probably will, and assorted hoodies, and any that he's forgotten

Why?  He has no idea.  Maybe the t-shirts are a parasitic life form that prey on intelligent minds, and so take over Cambridge by making us think, for however briefly, that we want them...

I have no fewer than 6 "normal" MethSoc T-Shirts, one Cambridge MethSoc PuntParty? T-Shirt and a MethSoc hoodie.  Ph43r the MethSoc! -- Senji

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