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I've left a lot of pronouns in the text. I am hoping that this gives people freedom to come along and name people later, and/or provides a framework for introducing new characters more easily. - MoonShadow


And I, have already, messed up.  This belongs here:

Uh.. I'm confused already. A wiki within a wiki?
 -- Vitenka

Seriously - what is happenning here?  It looks pretty - but that makes me somewhat scared to touch it.

MoonShadow: Please don't be ^-^ It's meant to be a collaborative story, and I decided to lay some skeletal structure down before I made it visible :) What happens now is up to everyone  - if people don't like it, or find it boring, it'll just drop into the RecentChanges archives and gently disappear again; if people like it and feel like contributing, it might live for a little while :)


502.9d?? I'm impressed.  I had to [look it up], and I literally jumped in surprise when I saw it.  Scary!  --AlexChurchill


Hmm.  The creatures with /Rankings have been mostly kept ambiguous up until recently.  But now /Butterfly and /Sunlight are seeming to imply that (in one reality, at one place) they're cats, while /Regulations is seeming to imply (in some possibly-different reality, in a different place) they're human - or at the very least something humanoid, which uses edged weaponry, card games, radio and television.  Ought we to come to some consensus?  Or am I just missing something?  --AlexChurchill

You're trying to worry about it?  Ambiguity is a good thing.  I'm sure all will become (un)clear later as more threads intertwine.

Alternate answers:

Silly bunny, /Reason is for kids.  :)

You are preempting the multithreading.

MoonShadow: I personally see no conflict. The fact that the human /Dean? happens to have some titles that match (or misuse?) the /Fur?ry /Rankings from the /Deck would, to me, imply that the two worlds have a history of contact - nothing more.

I'd sort of assumed it was a parallel universe, or possibly even that the furs were the characters in the /RPG. That, or it's two parallel interlinked stories. I didn't feel like quantifying the connection, though - so someone else can. Or nobody can, which might be best. --TheInquisitor

It feels like the worlds are blending, or rather, /Leaking. It's an interesting concept, and I like the short-story divisions. It gives it a dreamlike feeling, as though we were watching a game play a game. Then again, I could just be sleep deprived. - AConfusedWolf


Is there a place to discuss edits to parts of Threads? I think the edit to Threads/Funny rather spoils the effect I intended; It's fair enough, but the verse I wrote rather loses something with more text after it Emperor

Um, sorry... I was trying to stop the threads from disappearing into the abyss... I think the solution to things like this is to delete the offending part, or move it to a new thread. This seemed to do the trick for getting your point across, so here seems like a good place for quibbles ^.^


Should the metastory be some sort of mythology about the creation of the wiki itself? Hey, that would be fun to write, actually.'' --BlackMonkeyMage

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