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Hoegaarden Archive pages

Everyone please welcome the Wiki's first ToothyHamster, Hoegaarden.
He is a (FE)male Syrian hamster, which should be easier to keep than a toothycat /kitten (although perhaps not as cuddly). He is a golden colour, with a white belly, and spends most of his time climbing the walls and swinging off the ceiling of his cage. Do any other Wikizens have ToothyHamsters (which we can insert as ToothyHamster prequels a la StarWars)? -- Garbled
We had a hamster.  We also had two kittens and a big fat mummy cat.  Do the math, the kittens did.  --Vitenka

Yes folks, Hoegaarden the hescapologist is also a her. Clues which more observant parents would have noticed - a) No dangly bits, b) Round hips c) Only one obvious opening. See [here] if you are confused, deluded etc.

In a pique of hamster-sex-naming-bigotry, I am still going to refer to him as a him (as sold), while HamStress will do the right thing by our Hoegy. Whatever that is.
Well, it's not feeding her twice a day as part of an apology for the sex-naming bigotry -- HamStress

And she's a Snoegily Hoegily Hoe

For those who don't want to have to zoom out and try to figure it out Garbled has changed the picture.

On a completely different hamster note, for those who like beer, try the scary [korenwolf] -pure hamster in a glass

Image taken and scanned by HamStress.
Hoegaarden.Hamster is not to be consumed upon on or off the premises.

The Wiki's first ToothyHamster died last week.
Sadness :( - SunKitten

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