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Charming name. Never mind (another Japanese take on Christianity, which has gone hilariously weird in places).

From the first episode, TrinityBlood looks like a cross of HellSing, VampireHunterD (second film) and ChrnoCrusade, with a touch of WolfsRain and LastExile in the general feel. The general setup is in the future, after some kind of disaster, which gives the designers the excuse to use both old and futuristic technology. The flying ships are especially cool (the LastExile feel). There are also creatures who turned up who have a taste for blood, so obviously they're called vampires (any excuse).

The main character is called Abel Nightroad, and he's a Vatican priest (yes. Quite). He has white hair and glasses and a general air of amiable idiocy until it's time to look cool - much like Vash of TriGun, in fact (same glasses, too). As you may have guessed, there is more to him than that but really I don't know how much spoilery information to put on this (it's only the first episode, after all). He actually has a somewhat tacky monologue about who and what he is partway through the obligatory first episode fight.
Also featured is a boy Pope who is blatantly not in control of either his sister, who looks like IntegraHellsing? and bosses him around, or his (supposed) underlings, who don't like his sister. His sister later proves to have control of an armed faction who can act at odds to the general will of the Vatican, so all is clearly not rosy.
Also introduced - but I don't know how important they are - a rebel vampire group with a name I can't pronounce, much less remember (something like Phliandumar?), and a sinister-sounding lot called Rosen Kreuz.

It has yet to show any depth, but it's only the first episode, after all, and it has a lot of other cool stuff ;)

Sadly, I foresee dark bishy series being the next anime genre to be horribly overdone (like harem anime are now)... but there should still be some good ones in the torrent of mediocrity ^^

21 or so episodes on, this has actually gained some depth. Abel continues to be annoying until it's time to look cool, but when he does do his stuff, it's good fun. There's a plot, and the main female character shows evidence of intelligence, which makes a nice change. The art is consistently good - I noticed at one point, a closeup of Abel's face showed the distortion caused by the lenses of his glasses (although what is it with bespectacled characters who don't need their glasses? Grrr). I also dislike Abel's changed character design, but I suspect that's the point. Oh yes, and even the Pope shows a bit of depth towards the end. Worth watching, if you can put up with the overall feel :) - SunKitten

OP = SunKitten

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