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StJohnsCollege's and KingsCollege were in a race to build their clock towers.  ArcaneBylaws? state a limit upon the number of active clock towers within a certain radius of GreatStMary's church.

(This limit is a good thing, unless you happen to enjoy clocks striking 48 O'clock)

KingsCollege finished their tower first, by cheating and putting the clock in a half height unfinished tower.  This epitomises the spirit of that institution which is further demonstrated by their UnfinishedCathedral?.

StJohnsCollege's, undaunted, built their tower - put a blank clockface upon it - left a hole for the clock mechanism and have a fine four sided tower with no clock.

This epitomises something.  Only the CollegeCat knows what.

(PeterTaylor) The version I've heard in TrinityCollege: there was a guy who had a clock for a clock tower, and he decided to give it to whichever of TrinityCollege or StJohnsCollege's finished their tower first. TrinityCollege cheated by finishing their tower with a temporary wooden structure, won the clock, and finished the tower. The clock is now on the KingEdwardGate? in GreatCourt?, and chimes the hours twice: once for TrinityCollege and once for StJohnsCollege's.

Yes, that sounds more correct than my original.  Although StJohnsCollege's going ahead and building it anyway is the part of the story I find most amusing.

They could hardly leave half a tower standing around college, could they?

Better than leaving an UnfinishedCathedral? around, I would have thought ;)

Well, it was part of New Court - which they were building at the time, so they couldn't just stop building (that is one of the prettier bits, after all) - and building without adhering to the original plans would undoubtedly give something sillier than a ClocklessTower.

The reason I'd heard for Trinity chiming twice was that an Alumnus bought them a bell for their clock.  Unfortunately they already had one.... -- Senji


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