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Moon Princess

Well, that was different...

A boy was almost killed and complains of seeing 'lines' everywhere.  He meets a girl who calls herself a magician.  8 years later he leaves for school but then, for no reason beyond a compulsion, kills a girl.

Later, the girl turns up and tells him he must take responsibility for killing her, introducing herself as "Arcueid Brunestud" (Alucard, perhaps?).

Thus the 3.5 minute "prologue" ends.

I have a rather bizarre feeling that this might be a dating sim anime, based on the images of four/five other girls and only one male character so far.  If it is, it's going to be one of the more messed up ones around...  In fact, Alex?  You remember you mentioned some people requesting that some of the 'Vampire Dating Sims' be brought across to English?  I don't suppose this was mentioned was it?
I can confirm that TsukiHime was indeed a DatingSim long before it was an anime. And yes, a rather unusual one... - tjm

(btw, first time posting. sharing my love for Tsukihime)

Shingetsutan Tsukihime is already on episode 4 and it's shaping up to be a pretty good show indeed, though purists are a bit upset over the changes made to the show but still great for first time viewers. The original Tsukihime game for PC is actually a VisualNovel but I suppose more or less an adult DatingSim; however the hentai content in this game is pretty minimal and most bought it for the incredible story. There is also an incredible 2-D fighter out there by famous dojin-game maker Watanabe Productions called Melty Blood, some crazy moves with MvsC? style air combos! --Tecnou

OP: Kazuhiko

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