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Magical Girl Squad - Tweeny Witches (aka Mahou Shoujotai)

With a name like that, I don't even know why I bothered downloading the promo but please, please [go watch this]...  The promo is 2.5 mins and the first episode (the only one subbed so far) is only 9 so it isn't going to eat up your time.

Nataku's first impression was 'the dark side of MahoutsukaiTai', I was too busy being impressed by the art and good use of 3D.  It appears to have a considerable amount of plot and I am thoroughly looking forward to more being available. --K

Really?  I got about two minutes in and stopped it, renamed it with the suffix 'crappy' and didn't go back.  Maybe I will now that I've been persuaded that 'girl is thrown into a magical world' can be good :)  --Vitenka
Yes, AlexChurchill was rather pleasantly surprised by the seeming depth to this (after the first 9 minute episode, anyway). Time will tell, of course.

I downloaded that file, unfortunately it was corrupt and kept crashing explorer. No viruses found on it though... So I guess I'll wait till tomorrow to see what it's like. Anybody else's first instinct to cringe at the thought of Tweenies in witches hats? - Taz
Having seen an episode, you're pretty much spot on.  But theres an interesting psychodrama going on too, so it's all good - maybe.  --Vitenka


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