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Hmmm, even he has now stopped capitalising it VolkaZZ?.  Yay!  Welcome back to the Wiki.  --Vitenka

Alias: Revan, Kobar, many others.

Hmm - should probably put more here...

Same vintage as Gwyntar, Senji, Jumlian, Vitenka.

Now accountant. 

Running and playing various strange versions of ArsMagica (4th & 5th) and the new WorldOfDarkness, together with the Rising of Chaos LARP.  Why they chose to hide perception tests for the new edition...

Current active Characters:
Ruthven of Diedne
Zarathustra of Tytalus (dec'd - his ghost is still active, however)
Deirdre of Verditius
Random of Criamon
Benedict, a grog sergeant
Nikita (an "elven" archer/scout)
Sir Sebastian de Marque (think Hamlet)
Piotr Borisovich (half-vodyanoi - flaws include "Judged Fairly")
DCI Taggart
Ivan Vasilievich Decados, Fourth Baron Subbota, Diplomatic Attache to Countess Erzabet' Bat'ory, Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Basin from Grand Prince Hiram Decados of Cadavus
Volkazz, Hysarn (Air wizard with pistols)
Serbasel, Cavalier of Ekimelahw (dwarven holy warrior lawman, from Brum)


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