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    1. Frog?
    2. Fork?
    3. ...
    4. Ah, I've got it.  Frag.  As in BFG.
Shouldn't that be friendly?

Is this wiki PG13 or something?  Next you'll be telling me the F in FUBAR is not an anagram of FCUK. --DR
So far it's been more amusing all around this way ;) - MoonShadow
Besides, F isn't an anagram of FCUK. It has the wrong number of letters. --CH

Allegedly, in Naval Semaphore:

Whiskey: I need Medical Attention.
Tango: Do not pass in front of me.
Foxtrot: I am carrying explosive cargo.
Which is, just possibly, even better.  --Vitenka
Although [it seems not to be quite true]  --Vitenka (F being 'I am disabled, communicate with me)

See http://www.thedailywtf.com for code which makes its maintainers utter "WTF".

The second game in the new WorldOfDarkness RPG series.  Seriously.  Poor choice of acronym, guys.  --Vitenka

Yes. Very much so. It came up in playtesting, too; they allowed it through. o_o --Requiem

A ComputerGame similar to WarioWare?: theoretically short for "Work Time Fun," but as it was made in Japan, the traditional meaning also applies. --ElliottBelser

CategoryAbbreviation (acronym I suppose)

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