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Mac Hall

Location: http://www.machall.com
Updates: Seemingly no set schedule?  Roughly once a week?
Rating: U/PG
Recommended by: - SunKitten, 24.04.03 Vitenka, Kazuhiko
Example Strip: [AppliedTheology is delicious], [Something about Cookies]

For the jokes and the art
Wow...  SunKitten?  Have you watched the 'comic in progress' movie?  I doubt it's exactly your style but it might give you some ideas... :) - Kazuhiko

This webcomic has now started posting so rarely, that MegaTokyo is punctual by comparison, and then when it does post, often [this] is the result..... --Tsunami
That's a little unfair.  You're quite right about the scarcity of updates, but that comic is... strange.  I have no idea how or why that got posted.  In contrast: [A gaming girlfriend]. OTOH, I hope he moves on to a different artstyle soon.  I'm not that keen on his current one. --K
OK, maybe a little unfair, I guess I was feeling punchy when I posted that. --Tsunami
Even worse - it looks like it was a test image (from their latest rant)  They've switched to manual updating of the co-location servers and were (presumably) having problems.  You're still right on the wonky update schedule though (and this after he made it part of his university work to be regular.)  --Vitenka

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