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Location: http://www.xkcd.com/
Updates: MWF
Actually Updates: MWF
Rating: Usually PG, although very occasionally very strong language
Recommended by: Kazuhiko, ChrisHowlett (and presumably the person who first linked to it), Androidkiller, RobHu (even though he's not a MathMo), Rachael, AlexChurchill, Requiem who first linked to it and forgot to say, Admiral.
Hated with the firey passion of a thousand thousand burning suns by: S.
Example Strip: In the opinion of Kazuhiko, ranges from the [utterly bizarre] to the [incredibly touching].

Kazuhiko claims to still have at least some maths geekness on the basis that he laughed himself silly on [this strip].
Oh dear. *Wiping tears from eyes* I must be more Mathmo than I thought! --Admiral

In S's opinion, nowhere near as funny or as profound as it thinks it is, and would not be half as irritating (it would just be another crap webcomic to ignore) if people didn't insist on referring others to it nearly every time a new strip is published. Any bizarreness is forced and bland, and the only thing incredible about its touch is how it manages to be so cloying and so superficial at the same time.

More example favourite strips:
Have you emailed in your solution? Might be fun to see what happens. --Admiral
Actually, stuff that. I have it down to one or two questions to work out which one tells the truth, then of course one or two questions to find out the "safe" passage. --Admiral

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