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A rare gardern ornament, one of the suspected causes of the GrandCanyon?. One of the very few weapons in Worms that can create bigger craters than the BananaBomb?. Once used normally ends the round by wiping out all worms from the landsca... er... landscape from the round.

No, that's Armageddon.  ConcreteDonkey is slightly more tactical... - PaulPower
Isn't there a ConcreteDonkey airstrike?
Good God NO!!!! It drops from the air certainly but it's not an airstrike. Never ever let PaulPower have a concrete donkey! - King DJ
Me = Worms tactical genius ;-).  A well-placed ConcreteDonkey can do all sorts of damage... - PaulPower
I'm sure I saw one once... there was definitely more than one at once... --Requiem
FlameRider is not good at Worms, but has a very useful/amusing cheat for Worms 2 which gives you infinite numbers of all the weapons.  There is only one concrete donkey.  It bounces up and down and destroys everything it touches, mainly landscape. 
WormsArmageddon?? --Requiem, beating a dead donkey
I suppose it might be possible if you had the Fiddler, but not under ordinary circumstances, no. -- PaulPower
I'm sure now that it has been mentioned it will appear in the new worms game. --Steve 

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