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This weapon is great at killing everyone in the vicinity very quickly. Wielder not excepted.

Think nunchucks. Then think one of the little metal bars is actually a very big metal sword, the other end is an even bigger metal axe. Think about 20 foot long.

Based on field tests the average Dusk Caste warrior has a roughly 50% of hitting themself with each swing of this weapon, and a 50% chance of actually hitting the enemy. The average mortal on the other hand would have a 90% chance of hitting themselves. Only one of these weapons was ever created, and the only person it is confirmed to have actually killed was its creator. Current whereabouts of the prototype are unknown but a 10 foot barge pole was spotted in the vicinity when it was last seen.

I thought i err aquired them from the mess that was the street they were last used in. - NellensArtan
This is indeed correct. They're in the vault, with the caption "Xarak's Folly". --Requiem

Dare I ask whether or not WebComics/EightBitTheatre was the sole inspiration?  --Vitenka
Yeah! :giggle:. I was joking when I showed Xarak the relevant comic. And he actually asked for them! So they became a very silly, rather cursed item. --Requiem

The main inspiration was this moment : Me : Is my axe-klaive ready? Edith : Axe-klaive? Requiem : It's almost as silly as "sword chucks". Me : Hmmm....axe-klaive-chucks eh... -- Xarak


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