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Had we been more organised, we could have done an April Fool strip or something. Whoops, there went an opportunity...  ^^;;

As it is, I just have a few things to announce or comment on. Firstly, NaNoRenO, the National Ren'ai Game making Month, is over (it was March) and a certain ToothyWikizen has produced a game called 'When I Rule the World'. Website / wiki page / download page. I did the character art, and it was great fun both to draw and to play through. Secondly, I'm in the process of trying to make pretty pictures to sell at exhibitions this summer, and this is halfway through. I need to redo the hair and skin shading and the background is entirely temporary, but I like it anyway. Thirdly, this is the end of the first issue of Artifaxis. We'll be carrying on as normal next week, but I thought you might be interested. In true Looking for the Sun style, I haven't done the cover yet and probably won't for some time...

- Sun Kitten, 1st April '05

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