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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I shall copy a tactic I spotted on Angel Moxie. I can't think of much interesting to say, but I can point to the most recent topic of discussion on the wiki. There's a small discussion on Dating Sim and a longer and more serious one on the war. You could see what happens when anime fans inhale too much mushroom fumes (they go to discos, apparently). You can play in the Sand Box, make your mark in the Visitors Book or confess to being a Recent Changes Addict in the appropriate 'anonymous' page. And there's always the Phoenix Feathers page to leave a comment, blue elephant, dancing penguin or whatever you wish on. Actually, we don't have the bandwidth to host an elephant so scratch the blue elephant. We can probably manage a purple hippo, though, as long as it's a little one  ^.^

There's something for everyone on the wiki. Except blue elephants.

- Sun Kitten, 25th March '03

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