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My name is Vitenka.
I am addicted to refreshing the RecentChanges page.

My name is Sally
I am addicted to any sort of Cambridge related internet procrastination now I am stuck in a village in the middle of nowhere.  Please send me more emails.

My name is MoonShadow.
I am addicted to hanging around on RecentChanges while waiting for stuff to compile.

My name is StuartFraser
I am addicted to checking RecentChanges. See Sally's comment for reason.

My name is SunKitten
I am addicted to hanging around on RecentChanges even when I've got work to do.

My name is PeterTaylor.
I am addicting to checking RecentChanges whenever I clock off for a few minutes because I'm bored or not thinking clearly.

My name is TheInquisitor.
I am addicted to checking RecentChanges at least three times a day, and at least once every time I sit down at a computer.

My name is AlexChurchill.
My RecentChanges addiction has been much helped by the nifty RSS toolbar at the top of my screen displaying RecentChanges: it's set to Auto-hide and Always on top, pointed at https://www.toothycat.net/~sham/ticker.html - more details here. Hence checking RecentChanges consists of moving my mouse to the top of the screen and back again. And I guess I do it fifty times a day...

My name is MikeJeggo.
I am addicted to checking RecentChanges whenever I am bored with whatever else I am doing, which is probably at least once an hour.

My name is Emperor
I am not all that addicted to checking RecentChanges, but generally do so at least daily, to try and keep up with the ever-changing mosaic that is ToothyWiki

My name is Senji
I'm sometimes addicted to checking RecentChanges, and sometimes forget for a whole week at a time.

My name is [Chris]
I should really be doing CATAM and revision, so have become addicted to RecentChanges. I have been known to refresh multiple times in one minute.
A distressing new trend - I have several times today clicked RecentChanges, when I meant to click Edit. Oh dear.

My name is Hawk.
I have once again become a RecentChanges addict, after managing to stay away from the Wiki most of last term.  Like Chris, I should be doing CATAM.

My Name is Garbled.
I am not in denial about being a RC addict.

My name is M-A.
I am addicted to refreshing RecentChanges once every couple of minutes when waiting to see if anyone has replied to something I've written.  I usually start around lunchtime.

My name is Kazuhiko.
I am not addicted to RecentChanges at all.  Honestly.  I could stop at any time.  I just choose not to.  Yes.

My name is ColinLeung.
Recently hooked, now certain that the MeaningOfLife is in the wiki somewhere.

My name is Rjk.
I check RecentChanges almost exactly once a day.

My name is CorkScrew.
I am currently writing more on Toothywiki than I am on IRC, which I also use incessantly. This tells you a little about my output.

My name is Naath.
I am not addicted to RC, I am not swimming in Egypt.  Do you believe that?

My name is Requiem.
I am officially a RecentChanges addict. I check it every single time I go online. Seeing as that's every time I start up my machine...

My name is Xarak.
I only discovered RecentChanges today, and I've already checked it about 10 times. That makes it more addictive than cocaine. MoonShadow and SunKitten could live like a king ( and queen ) by charging 10p per refresh, but luckily there are laws against that kind of cruel extortion.

My name is ElliottBelser.
I had to stay at TreasureIslandJobCorps on summer break.  I am very, very bored.

My name is AConfusedWolf.
I have RecentChanges open constantly in the hopes that I'll see activity other than SunKitten posting the comic (which is AMAZING, by the way.)
Maybe we should start a new round of DuctTapeAndTheForce or a similar game/competition? That always used to get high traffic. Or just create a page about something controversial... --Rachael
...not n4ecessarily controversial in a nasty way, just something like people's favourite films or something. Or - that reminds me - collaborative project-type pages like FilmsWeveAllSeen or StuartFraser/WeNeedMoreLetters can get a lot of traffic. --Rachael
alt.genius.you.think.imagine.create -AConfusedWolf
alt.happy.me.see.moving.returning -AConfusedWolf

Hmm.  how come it's called AlcoholicsAnonymous? when the thing they are famous for is making everybody stand up and tell the room their name and that they are an alcoholic?

See also VisitorsBook

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