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Don't want to write reams of text, but want to leave a mark? Scribble your name below ^-^

Stumbled across the "M:TG is Turing Complete" page; took a look around the rest of the website. (The tilde-username in the URL is always extremely promising!) I love seeing these "Web 1.0" websites around, especially active ones! It's such a treat, like finding a shrine to The Wired. - squeegily

Visited this site for the first time since 2006 and remembered how i liked it here. Just thought i drop a note and say hello to all of you, maybe i will stay a while. I was "the geek who programmed this MtG client", and actually it was an email from a swedish guy concerning this project which made me remember this site (and reanimate a project discontinued 2 years ago). Most of the names on RecentChanges sound familiar to me, i hope you are doing well -- Grumpf, 17-5-2008 (Password managers are really useful :))
Hi Grumpf! Long time no see :) And yes, yes they are ;) - SunKitten

I saw you at imaf ^^ (The girl dressed as ichigo with the cat ears, yes?)
Oh - cool :) I don't remember, I'm afraid - did you talk to anyone at the SweatDrop stand? I talked to a lot of lovely people.. ^^;; - SunKitten
I met a number of nice catgirls that could plausibly have been ichigo characters.. were you the one I took a 'photo of next to Emma's pencil drawing? - MoonShadow

Mumm. Found it through a friend of a friend of a aquantancce who said do you know about... No idea why i shouldn't but i do. Anyhow, breakfast is better - Delph

Could a compsci like me resist the chance to edit someone elses web page? no, obviously not!! Cool idea, but I don't think you've quite won me over from liking online message boards, ulimately newsgroups are the best though!! AnneRogers
(Delph) Oh, but IRC has to be the bestest waste of time
Lo Anne -- Senji

this is fun?

Can't resist! - M-A

TheInquisitor came, saw, and didn't conquer.

I see my spare time disappearing into the maw of the ToothyWiki. This is worse than NewsGroups - SunKitten

they say self enlightenment comes from within, or from toothywiki, eitherway is good

Ah, I see randomness now has a website :)  This should be _fun_ - Kazuhiko

Do you know how much time I will use up playing with this? AngelaRayner

You know, I think this makes me busy about 48 hours a day... NickTaylor

Yet another place to waste precious time getting nothing done... Tringard

(PeterTaylor) Don't have a mark to leave. Do you accept Euros?

MoonShadow: We accept RAM chips for the server ;)
(PeterTaylor) Well, if I get round to buying a 512 for my Windows box and moving its 256 to my Linux box, you can have the 32 currently residing therein. Also, if you're skilled enough at kernel hacking to be able to use a 128 for which the range 64-80 has a dodgy chip, I'll be glad to donate it!
(Mjb67) What sort of memory chips?  I've got loads of 72pin SIMMs spare.

Vitenka.  I will, undoubtably, return some day.

Now all you need to do is connect this to [GROGGS]... Douglas
Emperor. [GROGGS] is great, people. Read [GROGGS]!

O dear, SunKitten really shouldn't have linked here from the strip, I'll never have any free time ever again... Hawk

GreenOpal finally enters the wild wonderful world of Wiki.

Did I just see Vitenka threaten, err, promise to return?...  -- Senji

You saw nothing!  And if you think you saw me, then you must have seen something else since clearly you can't SeeHear me really.  Besides, I can't return unless you're certain I've left and you can't be sure because you think you saw me say I'd be coming back and...  {Finishes ChasingHisTail - aint CircularLogic wonderful?} You CantProveAThing!  {RunAndHide}

Why is it that I am always late?  Nrrk, I should check the site more...  Heheh... Tsuki here, the strange guy formerly known as Ian Renton.  Just thought I'd leave my mark here for everyone to see... ^_^  Just a thought... I'd love to buy some of the stuff you have in the store, but I can't buy it in dollars!  I expect I'll see you at LAC this Sunday anyway, so I'll stop rabbiting on here ^_^  Sayonara!

(PeterTaylor and AlexChurchill) Now online from home, so we'll be able to be contribute incessantly, evenings and weekends as well as all through the working day!

Glad to see you got online! I was pointed at this by Morag's cousin RossBeavis? (whom I know through a SU camp) who had no idea I'd ever met Morag. Of the other people who have posted here, one I used to work with, one I could be working with if I hadn't turned down a job at that company and one happened to be playing St Andrew in a play I went to last month. Another aspect of the CambridgeAura? ColinBell?

Hi its [Felix] here, Thanks for all your help guys.

Vicky Woz Ere. Funkywiki :)

It's the ChessyPig, doing her general-purpose WikiTagging? exercise. (It's somehow odd how many people I randomly know are here...)
Lo Chess -- Senji

Another great thing about this wiki is that it works well on slow web connections and old browsers. Ta. Anna

I is a Naath.  and eeeee Chess commented here... (um, yes, I know her from school).

I'm Rjk, and I think I probably first heard of this place from Senji; but it's been somewhere on my horizon for a while without having really looked closely before.
Could've been Emperor too -- Senji
Could be.

2 hours ago I entered the world of ToothyWiki blissfully unaware of how addictive it would be.  There ought to be a hazard sign "warning: serious amounts of time may be used up.  Enter at own risk". ;)  --Julia?
oh, make that 3 hours.
Welcome :) Have you discovered RecentChanges yet? *EvilGrin* - SunKitten
See, the beauty of wiki is that if you want a warning sign, you add a warning sign.  HelloAndWelcome? / StayAwhileStayForever.  --Vitenka

Humanize the Net! --TedErnst
Eww!  MeatThings? are crawling over my webs!  --TheNet??
Clearly PeterTaylor isn't the only one to read SchlockMercenary.
This place is fitting better and better into KritTer's personal link-universe...

Finally gave into peer pressure and took a look at this place. Ah well, who needs grades anyway... - Edith
Wheeee, editing in the middle of Unix Class! Naughty me! --Edith

Editing whilst at work. Oh well, I only have one week of my notice left before I move to a better job - Jay
Hellllllloooooooooooooo --Vitenka

Wandering in from [Cantabrigiensis] on LiveJournal, I find a site full of people I know from LiveWire?s or UKRC. Hello, world! -- PaulWright

I found this page via Senji. I'm certain that even typing these few words will break something, but it's your own fault; you suggested it. --teleute
Hello :) - SunKitten

Oh well, here I go again (and you'd think i'd have learnt my lesson by now after wasting FarTooMuchTime? on the CURSwiki) - Koryne
I see I'm saying 'hello' a lot round here. Oh well - hello and welcome :) - SunKitten
Hooray! i've got my SunKitten welcome :D
Your CorkScrew welcome as well, they're far rarer - CorkScrew

Jellochuu was here
Hello :) - SunKitten

Does anyone read this?

Found: In ARM building, first floor kitchen. One mug with "Eeyore" design. Anyone recognise this?

- Mart
Yes. I suspect I know whose that is. MoonShadow? (if it is yours, it's gone a long time without being missed ;_;) - SunKitten

Your comic is wonderful. Thanks! - JulianMorrison?
Thank you very much :) And welcome to the wiki - SunKitten

Hello! I found this page by an accident, and now I visit it regullary. Your stories are the greatest, LookingForTheSun is my favourite comic ever...even if it's updated once a year;) Do not ever dare to stop writing this. Please?:)
Thank you, and I won't :) Check out SunKitten/ComicUpdateCounter to see how the latest issue is getting along (slowly, at the moment..) - SunKitten

hello i be Indigo *wave* i will try and be good *promises*

Hi there! Just a resident of [WikiFur] dropping by via the TourBusStop. Best wishes. :-) --GreenReaper

Mostly here for the MTG card generator, liked the word of the day[s], stuck around for the toothycat quote, and description of differences between computer viruses and lesser daemons of chaos. Nice to meetcha -ColinBeck

So I just... Edit? Hi, I guess. I'm a highly confused wolf,who just stumbled onto this while reading the SCP Page for Experiment Log 423-A. Seems interesting enough, I'll try not to mess things up too bad. Here's to happy trails!- AConfusedWolf
Hey, welcome! I have to admit, I am a little curious how one gets here from there... --MoonShadow
Now, that IS the question! Basically, they were gonna put 423 in an alt.adj.noun.verb.verb.verb thread. I went to find out what the hecc that was, and three different threads later and a whole bunch of googling, I found the aanvvv thread here. Not complaining, you guys seem chill. -AConfusedWolf

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