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I think we spend far too much time in Britain talking to people about the weather.  Of course I don't really think that, but it feels like it.  ThingsThatMatter are things about love and life and God and other people and relationships that are important to us.  They are issues we are afraid to share and joys that we do not take time to air (which rhymes nicely).  Don't forget to take time to ask people about ThingsThatMatter in their lives.

Thus far, ToothyWikizens have nominated the following topics as things that matter to them:

..but based on volume of stuff, these don't matter anywhere near as much as Magic: The Gathering or cartoons. - ChiarkPerson
Hey, you're reading a discussion forum belonging to a webcomic - what do you expect?

As a contrast to most of the rest of the ToothyWiki, these form the core of the serious discussions that occur.

I'd have to disagree.  These are things which are deep, or things which are serious.  But none of them directly matter to my life.  (Well, ok, copyright if it extends much further may matter, ditto privacy)  But my whole object is to stop these things from mattering.  --Vitenka
I think the whole point of discussions in CopyrightMatters and PrivacyMatters is how those issues are beginning to impose themselves on everyone whether they are interested or not.  Likewise, SocialMatters is a discussion of our society which you are a part of.  As for ReligionMatters and PoliticalMatters, you get to choose how much these are of interested to you but they do matter a great deal to some people.  Feel free to create other 'Matters' pages which you feel are more relevant to you if you wish... --Kazuhiko
Strange isn't it that things which really matter have little direct matter with life while trivial things are the ones that truely have any matter. -ColinLeung
To which I must reply with a resounding "Yer'what??" --K
Uh, let's try: "Isn't it odd that: The things which really matter have little direct impact upon your life, whilst the trivial things impinge heavily upon it."?  Ok - I'll tone down my apparantstance a little - they matter, they matter a heck of a lot and they need to be discussed in order to prevent them from mattering.  Politics, certainly, is at its best when it is not in need of supervision.  I would say the same about religion too, but have no way to defend that as anything other than a purely personal viewpoint.  --Vitenka
So when politics works well, the average person doesn't know it's there. So the same probably goes the same for gods. -ColinLeung

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