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Um.  Quite possibly the strangest anime AlexChurchill has ever seen.  And I've seen JungleWaItsumoHaleNochiGuu, ChildsToy and FLCL.  In one way or another, this out-weirds them all.

The initial premise is naturally preposterous: in a slightly post-apocalyptic world, evil BadGuys? are going round shaving everyone's heads and turning them all bald so that they can take over the world.  Fortunately, BobobouboBoubobo is on hand, to intimidate them with his giant yellow afro and (I'm not making this up) whip them with his nose hair.

But the thing is, we've seen preposterous settings before.  What takes BB out of the realms of "weird" and into the "170% demented, twisted and absurd" is all the little things that happen on the backdrop of the nose hair combats.

AlexChurchill's favourites are probably the inhabitants of BobobouboBoubobo's head.  Having an afro contain weaponry is nothing new in anime.  Having it contain a pair of lovey-dovey squirrels who have a tearful break-up is... unusual.  But the little people who live in his nose - and hang out their washing on his nose hair, or roll down the metal shutters when his hair is feeling exhausted for the day - are something else.

Another example: in a flashback, the young BB meets up with an old and wise man, who teaches him the secrets to mastering combat with hair.  We only see one such nugget of wisdom... "You need to use a good conditioner, and make sure it's pH balanced".

You forgot the flashback where it transpires that his father is a hair.  That one was weird, too. --MJ

And of the seven bad guys, one gets harassed by his mum (and the others sweatdrop).  One is shaped like a giant lump of blue jelly (and the others appear to pay no attention to this fact at all).  One is as far as we can tell a transvestite... at least he wears nail varnish, speaks in feminine Japanese, and attempts OujoSama-style "Ho ho ho ho ho!" laughs.  Nobody comments on this either.

If you like your nonsensical anime with some shred of self-consistency, or continuing plotline, you may do better to look elsewhere.  At least ChildsToy and JungleWaItsumoHaleNochiGuu evolved plot.  Well, this might also do so - it is Japanese - but AC suspects it will stay disjointed hallucinogenic craziness.  Probably best appreciated in small doses.

CategoryAnimeGoogle also [suggests] that it's a CategoryComputerGames, for PlayStation 2 and GameboyAdvance.

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