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"He bounced me!  There I was, minding my own business, and he bounced me!"
Don't worry: your owner has enough mana to play you again.
Bleh, I don't like being summoned...
Does the other player have two islands untapped? Just wondering...
One will do if you're tapped out..
None will do, so long as opponent has 2 cards in hand. Or 3 islands on the table...

Generally happy/bouncy things and what-have-you.  Typically the province of Tigger?s, although at least one Eeyore of this parish does it too sometimes.
Quite right too. --SF, definitely an Eeyore who bounces.
I thought MoonShadow was Eeyore... --M-A
MoonShadow may well be Eeyore. I'm just an occasional Eeyore. --SF
So SF is an occasional MoonShadow? --Kazuhiko
*Subscribes to the being-Eeyoreness...* --Senji
Sometimes a prelude to FerretShock.

vic on 22nd December 2001: Tigger goes off to the big city, and gets a job in a nightclub working as a bouncer... "Can I bounce them, boss? Boing!"

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce Naath aka Tigger, at least at PoohSoc.

Can be painful if you've just been rowing. Bounce... ouch... bounce... ouch...


MTG: Boomerang -WikiMtGConspiracy

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