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Catchall for security topics not covered by more specific categories.

Topical memes (see Crypto for partial list of sources)

That is more than a little worrying. That a credit card company would accept an application on a torn-up form, with a different address and a mobile number? I'm slightly terrified, and will now be shredding credit application forms. --CH
To be fair, the filled-in form would have contained some checkable data like the guy's date of birth (at least, one would *hope* they check it). Which could arguably be pulled out from other preprinted spam in the same bin; but an attack is not quite as easy as just grabbing the application form. - MoonShadow
What the HELL?  How on earth are they allowed to send a CreditCard? to a different address and phone number?  Geez.  Good thing I always tear out the identifying names and numbers and mail it back in little pieces in the prepaid envelope along with any other spam that happens to arrive.  --Vitenka

CategoryCategory; see also PrivacyMatters, Crypto

Security is achieved by

Reward for correct answer - avoiding death by suicide bombing.

That's a slightly different sense of security to what I intended this page to be about - this is more political and "general safety of the populace" than the specific and "keeping people from doing what they ain't meant to be doing somewhere where they ain't meant to be" stuff that was being tagged with a Security category thus far. This footnote would probably be better off kicking off discussion somewhere like WarDeclared or even PoliticalMatters, or a subpage or page of its own if someone can come up with a snappy title for it, IMO. Thoughts? I agree with the sentiment, BTW - MoonShadow

A question for toothywikizens: what kind of security do you consider to be the most pressing to you at the moment? Which of the following are you most paranoid about? (If you could choose one to be absolutely immune from, which would it be?) - CorkScrew

Physical security (personal) - being mugged in the street or falling from height
1 vote from CorkScrew

Physical security (societal) - being blown up or generally hated by the rest of the world

Financial security - being broke forever and ending up homeless

Identity security (goverment-related) - having the government play silly buggers of some sort

Identity security (non-government) - having someone steal your credit card/personal information and play silly buggers of some sort

Mental security (personal) - having someone play silly buggers with your mind
1 vote from Admiral

Mental security (societal) - where society (or large groups of it) gets persuaded to believe something that is not so, to its detriment.  Mass insanity.  Bigotry of the genocidal kind.  Religious and/or political jihads.  Killing off the intelligentsia.

Other (please state)

All of the above, to various extents. Personal physical and financial security appear to be the things I can affect most by my actions, however. - MoonShadow

[Scary article] about proposals for behaviour monitoring in the name of anti-terrorism. Many of the quotes in it read like they're straight out of a SciFi dystopia.
But it's all ok, because they'll only use it on terrorists.  And the HomeSecretary? just knows who is a terrorist and needs no oversight.  --Vitenka
..who needs privacy, anyway? Do you have something to hide, friend citizen? - MoonShadow

Interesting [alternative] to all the new passport authentication technology. And you can't lift it with a directional antenna from someone's back pocket from twenty metres away.


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