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A HillCollege which features in the book of most boring postcards in Europe. Yet it has some rather interesting statues.. - MoonShadow

Note to the non-Cantabrian - anywhere near Cambridge read "hill" as "arguable gradient" - DuncanIdaho
Tell me about it.  Coming from Swansea (a rather hilly place), every time I see a road sign with the word "hill" (eg Honey Hill), I have a CrocodileDundee?-like urge to go "Call that a hill?  That's a hill." -- PaulPower.
(PeterTaylor) Note that some of the places named "hill" (e.g. Senate House Hill) were higher than their surroundings once, although the surroundings have now been built up. But yes, I know what you mean. My parents live half-way up a hill so steep that when a friend of theirs discovered partway down that their bike brakes didn't work, it took them two miles to stop.

Interesting is one way of putting it. Though, as far as quarter-million-pound goalposts go, the HepWorth? is excellent. We also are unique I believe in having a free ChurchillPav every week. Proximity of the WestCambridge? site makes going to lectures a roll-out-of-bed affair for MathMos, CompScis and Physicists(NatScis). And we have a ChurchillDuck. - DuncanIdaho

It is important to note that the 'roll out of bed' aspect only applies to second-year and above for CompScis and I believe even later for MathMos and Physics NatScis. - ChessyPig
MathMos have lectures there in the second year, but at the end of the morning, not the beginning. Third year onwards, rolling is the way to go. -- TheInquisitor
Physics NatScis at Churchill are lovely and close to their practicals, and third-year onwards lectures are five minutes away. ^_^

Note that Churchill only allow undergrads to stay in college for 3 years, so if you go for a 4 year course, you'll have to live out one of those years anyway. --Edith

Churchill is also the home of the RandomSports Society -- PaulPower


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