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DuncanIdaho is both a prominent character in the Dune series by FrankHerbert? and also one of my many nicknames.

People are often confused at my choice of DI since, in the film, he lasts about 10 minutes before being cut to ribbons. However, he is later resurrected as a ghola - several thousand times in fact.
He's a great general and tactician and known for his exceptional loyalty. Tho once the Tleilaxu had gone their hands on his genes of course, he couldn't be so well trusted... (See Dune)

I'm a third year CompSci at ChurchillCollege, and as a geek or a nerd? I'm a bit of a failure but I have a great love of coding. Current projects include TheEngine?, an RTS, a RayTracer? using SurfaceCaching? and an LoDLandscapes? algorithm. There are at least 20 times that many I've forgotten about, and several I'll have thought of next week too...

I'm (apparently!) best described as an independent amble. I have a love of Randomness in all things, especially music, humour and Ideas.

Favourite methods of wasting time:
Coding things that would be beautiful if "working" wasn't included in the criteria, playing squash, hiking and sailing if I can, anime, being a drunkard, discussing any random project that seems likely not to work, digital photography and sketching.

Ooh, sailing. What kind of sailing? Dinghy or yacht? Inland or sea? - SunKitten, who hasn't sailed for years but still likes it

Favourite number: 42
Favourite colour: blue
Favourite film: Bonds? Star Wars?
Favourite author: Iain M. Banks

Which book is your favourite of Banksies? -- Senji

To be honest, my memory's awful so I can never really remember much about myself - anyone who knows me, feel free to fill in the gaps!

''"Everything in moderation, including excess!"

(few people seem to get this, but it does actually make sense, honest...)

Whereas "Everything in moderation, including moderation!" leaves a little to be desired -- Kazuhiko

Current list of nicknames:

Duncan / Duncan Idaho
Ho / The Ho
The Mighty Ho (A favourite for games)
Matthew Jack (odd one that)

There are more, but they're mainly slightly embarassing, obscure or deprecated.

AR - Perhaps I should say "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work.... nah.  Instead, perhaps we should initiate new posters with the offer of a JellyBaby?  Erm.  Tropical or normal?  I personally prefer the tropical ones, although they're a bit small.  I shall probably return to find any number of grues in my shoes for being naughty and impersonating somebody else.  Incidentally, I recommend taking 2 tropical ones as this compensates for their smallness

I recently moved house - this might explain.

DuncanIdaho is certainly my *preferred* nickname, but since I have no wish to usurp this page on my AlterEgo?, I'll clear myself a spot under another name. - TheMightyHo

Oh, most certainly no usurping there! I wrote stuff about the character here in the hope you'd then use the space to write something about yourself! - MoonShadow

*Grin* Oh, ok then... I'll Wiki it around a bit then - DuncanIdaho

(Dune stuff moved to Dune)


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