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Presumably a version of Civilisation that runs under Linux...  Any more details?

It's Civilisation 'call to power' - one of the innumerable civs out there.
Surprised that FreeCiv (the multiplayer civ1 clone) hasn't been mentioned somewhere on the wiki.  --Vitenka

So is CivCTP also free or is this a game that *shock/horror* you can buy for Linux?
Downloadable demo, purchase full game for windows, free patch to make it play on linux IIRC.  --Vitenka
I bought a packaged linux version of it in Game --Mjb67
As a matter of interest, how much?  You can now get CivCTP for the PC for 4.99 or CivCTP2? for 8.99 but the only Linux package I've seen was something like $26... - Kazuhiko

How good is it? I recall it being panned out-of-the-box, but very good after a fair bit of patch/modding. I might consider buying a version at some point.
IMHO much better than Civ2 and not as good as Civ3.  Has cool underwater and space units/buildings.--Mjb67
Curious, as IMHO, Civ2 is much better than Civ3 - which, according to a large proportion of the community, and I agree, is really rather pants. Opinion is a curious thing, and note that I am not insulting your judgement. --CH
I prefer Civ2 to the later versions, but I can't get it to work any more :( -- Senji
I must admit I haven't played more than a few minutes of Civ3 and most of my knowledge of it is second hand.  But CTP is much better than Civ2, t'be sure.--Mjb67


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