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A most wonderful drink that wakes you up (maybe, see CaffeineOverdoseTheory).  Best black (having milk in fresh coffee is heretical) and made from freshly ground beans.
Researchers from the University of Bristol [think] it only wakes you up if you're addicted to caffeine.

Instant should only be consumed in an emergency.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of drinking instant, you should know that its not Heresy to put milk in it.

Just to be really provocative: I've found that some of the nicest coffee I've ever drunk has been instant.  Out of the two options available in the MathWorksKitchen I prefer the freshly-brewed stuff, but when I worked at AbbeyLife? their instant was reeeeally nice.  CoffeeSnob?s may wish to note that I drink all my coffee with milk and one sugar[1], so if they wish they can discount my opinion because of this.  --AlexChurchill

[1]: Except when I'm pulling an AllNighter?, to program or play computer games.  Then it's no milk, coffee brewed in espresso mode or three spoons of instant (as applicable), three sugars, and stir until the spoon stands up on its own.
Or melts...

Frontier provides a supply of instant coffee, milk, biscuits and fruit. MoonShadow hasn't used a spoon to measure out coffee in months - he'd be there all day. The fruit doesn't get much of a look-in.

Just to clarify, is sweetening coffee also heretical, and if not is using anything other than sugar ok?  --FR
If you must, then use brown sugar. Note that heretical practices only really harm the Good Stuff, i.e. non-instant coffee. It is my opinion that coffee is like spirits in this regard - you only need to watch what you do with the Good Stuff, because it's only the Good Stuff that would be detracted from by attempts to improve the taste. If you don't like the taste of the Good Stuff, then buy cheaper stuff and put milk and sugar in it. --Requiem
Demerara sugar, please. --Edith
Sorry, yeah. Couldn't remember the correct names (mine is "the brown stuff in the jar"), and everybody knows which brown sugar goes in coffee. --Requiem
I think that means I'm ok: I use sweetners in instant when I have to use it, but the real stuff doesn't need it.  --FR

Catch it while it lasts - the Dilbert website is doing a [fun take on coffee] at the moment. --M-A
As is UserFriendly, although that persists online for more than two weeks so there isn't the same "catch it while it lasts" feel. IMO it's not a great storyline anyway.

A number of other Coffee-related pages exist on the wiki: click CategoryCoffee to find them.

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