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There is a theory that drinking too much Caffeine causes an overdose, leading to bad things like not being able to Sleep and palpatations.

Personally I don't believe this.  Too much Caffeine sends me to Sleep.

Let's collect votes. 
Those whom too much Caffeine prevents from Sleeping:
Those whom too much Caffeine sends to Sleep:
Those whom too much Caffeine has various effects, including both sleep prevention and sending to sleep:

I find that while a couple of cups of coffee sends me to sleep, if I have more than 4 or 5 too fast I start suffering the traditional symptoms. -- Hawk

TooMuchCaffeine??  Such a concept is new to me... hmm.. nope, sorry, can't comprehend you.  You'll have to speak more quickly. No, seriously - caffeiene has a large effect which diminishes as you take more.  After a certain point, your rate of caffeine intake falls below your rate of caffeine removal and you crash and sleep.  Or, you take caffeine more quickly to compensate, and, um.. end up pacing about and looking to hurt things. 
Presumably by falling over onto them, instantly asleep. ;) -- MoonShadow
''I admit nothing!  -- Vitenka.  Well, actually, technically I admit lots of things.  But not this.  Both windows and floors survived.  Damn paracetamol that doesn't advertise the caffeiene addition after eight litres of cola...
Eight litres in how long?  6 in as many hours makes me a bit hyper.  9 pints in 4 hours apparently causes me to display symptoms akin to drunkenness -- Senji
Technically it was in 24 hours, but the intake was largely during the first ten.
So, both for me.  But I got to run a gooood game. -- Vitenka.
Note to self: Never GM with someone more addicted than you are --Edith
Experimental evidence shows that I get symptoms like drunkeness only more alert. Then I crash but am unable to get to sleep. The increase pulse is also kinda fun. --Edith
I find caffeine does little about how tired I am, but stops me falling asleep.  Makes it handy for writing reports without getting pretty keyboard patterns on my face. -- NickTaylor
One of my friends drank ridiculous amounts of coffee over a period of about 18 months. By the end of this it had absolutely no effect on him and he was forced to go cold turkey cos he felt it was getting unhealthy. He promptly fell asleep for the best part of a week (18 hours a day of rest and still tired) before emerging detoxed and ready to readdict himself. You have been warned. - CorkScrew
I've been in the situation where I was drinking far too much coffee and other caffeinated drinks. It left me permanently tired and cranky. I gave up and experienced withdrawal symptoms. Coming off way too much caffeine left me with a headache for about a week. I'm a bit more careful about drinking too much coffee these days and feel much better for it. Jay

It's certainly possible to die from caffeine overdose, but I think it requires several grams of pure caffeine. i.e probably more coffee than you could physically drink before losing all your bodily fluids in one way or another...Still, if you ever see a container of caffeine in a lab, it's labelled "Toxic" which is perhaps not a good sign. -- Xarak
Ash methods file sez on the order of 10g for a human; energy drinks typically contain 150-200mg per 250ml or so; you'd have to drink 15 litres in presumably a relatively short length of time. If you come to that, one can theoretically die from drinking too much water - IIRC there was a story of a Swedish woman who drank 14 litres (slowly but without a break) after being told by her GP to drink plenty of fluids; which upset the osmotic balance in her body enough for a lethal outcome... - MoonShadow
While we're on the subject of common kitchen items that can be deadly, injecting someone with low-sodium salt ( with potassium chloride in ) will probably stop their heart. -- Xarak
If your kitchen is anything like mine at home, then we have a hell of a lot more than KCl to kill you with. [thinks] Right. We have bleach, carpet cleaner and other stain removers and chelating agents, ant poison, slug poison, various other insect repellents, washing-up liquid (injected... ugh), instant coffee and coffee beans (yeah, you can't drink that much - but can you eat it?, plant food (little obscure... can be used to make bombs, given patience), not to mention what would happen if you started eating the melamine worktop or the iron Aga. Kitchens are poisonous places --Requiem
I also bet you didn't know that fresh nutmeg, taken in large enough doses, is hallucinegenic. And a liver toxin. -- Xarak
Is there a quantity where it's the former but not the latter? --CH
I don't know, but look at it this way, if it was any good, they'd have banned it already ^_^ -- Xarak
The active ingredient in nutmeg affects different people in different ways. The amount required to get hallucinegenic effects is very close to the LD50, so if you're unlucky you're dead. I'd steer clear of this one if I were you. Jay
Plus you'd be a laughing stock if it ever got out that you'd overdosed on a common kitchen spice... -- Xarak
I've seen a report suggesting that it is, in fact, quite good - but with a very slow onset, and side effects considerably worse than other easily available alternatives (cannabis). On an unrelated note, I've been trying to find not-powdered nutmeg for ages, to use in cooking, and succeeded today. -- TheInquisitor
DailyBread? surely. --Admiral
We got four nutmegs a long time ago and they've lasted us for ages. I think we got them from AlAmin? on Mill Road, but I wouldn't be surprised if the NasreemDar? had them too (Histon Road) - SunKitten
IIRC, they're 17p each from the pot by the till at DailyBread?. I could be wrong though. --Admiral


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